Analog vs digital

Waves and signals

What is analog and digital?

An analog wave is continuous and smooth, meaning there are no breaks. A digital wave is basically the opposite, it's discrete and non continuous.
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Some examples of analog would be the record player, tape player, and CD player. Some examples of digital would be the telephone, telegraph, and computers.
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This is a CD (Compact Disc) under a microscope. The way CDs and record vinyls work, is the needle runs along these pits to create music.

DIfferences between analog and digital


analog signals are smooth, and digital are discrete. the digital signal is non continuous, and the analog is continuous.


Analog technology is typically a little more old fashioned, and digital is more, well, digital. Because digital is on devices like CDs and computers, it seems way more modernized.

So DIS committee, what do I choose?

DIS, I would rather have digital. It's more modernized, and I'm a pretty modern person. I also think that digital has a clearer signal. Thank you for taking your time to read this and consider what opinion I have.


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