2.09 Steps of the Selling Process

Taylor Byerly

Approach Customer

  • You must put the customer at ease and gain their confidence
  • Make sure you encourage them to want to hear about your products
  • Create a good impression of them and the business

Determine Needs

  • Ask the customer questions, and listen to their answers!
  • Observe customer reactions
  • Analyze customer reactions and comments

Present the Product

  • Sell the benefits NOT the features
  • Show the customer a few products to avoid confusion
  • Concentrate on a set item to close the sale.

Overcome Objections

  • Clear up ALL objections
  • Review the customer benefits
  • Listen to the customer to understand their point of view

Close the Sale

  • Make sure that they are satisfied with that product
  • Make sure all Questions are answered and they feel at ease and confident
  • Fill out necessary paper work, and make sure they are ready to buy

Suggestion Selling

  • Offer a warranty that goes along with the product you are selling
  • Offer any accessories that can go along with the product
  • Offer any services required for that product in the future

Build Relationships

  • Reassure the customer that his/her choice was wise
  • Answer any lingering questions they may have
  • Explain the sales contract fully and honestly:)