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Why Separate When You Can Cooperate?

The idea of “separation of church and state” was never meant to become a mental block to the people of God engaging neighbors, schools, marketplace and culture, but it has. Add to that the underpinnings of dualism separating the idea of what is sacred and secular, and a strong cultural filter has worked to isolate Christians in their own thinking about the influence that can be brought to our cities. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Kids Club Consultants founder Bev Daily has noticed that schools and public officials now welcome the church and the positive influence of loving adults in the schools, yet churches hesitate as they don’t yet know of the relational open doors and the legal rights that can put their influence in direct connection with kids and families. But, right there in that profoundly diverse region, many churches have now noticed and responded to the “welcome sign” and become involved in local schools. In the talk “Jesus at School”, Daily unpacks how this is happening through Kids Clubs in the Bay Area and beyond.

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Who is Bev Daily?

Bev Daily is the founder and CEO of Kids Club Consultants which consults with churches to offer free after school programming on public elementary and middle schools. Bev has a background in business and has a variety of experience working with children. She started her first Kids Club 16 years ago when her children were in elementary school. Since 2004, she has helped churches start Kids Clubs. In 2005 she founded Kids Club Consultants Inc. Currently there are 70 active Kids Club/X Clubs in California, Ohio and Arizona

Kids Club Consultants, Inc.

Kids Club is an after school program in elementary schools designed to teach positive life skills to children through games, music and Bible discussions. It is open to all students in the school. Clubs meet once a week for an hour and a half on elementary school campuses. Kids Clubs have successfully served in the public schools for the past fifteen years. For information about starting a Kids Club at your local school, contact Doug Millsap at