Keys to Academic Success & Wellbeing: Grit

What is Grit?

  • The ability to stick to long-term goals

  • The ability to keep going despite adversity
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How We Increase Grit

•Find something you’re passionate about
•Practice, practice, practice
•Forgive yourself for mistakes and setbacks
•Develop a growth mindset
•Get up after you fall down
•Surround yourself with other gritty people
•Remember, perfection is not the goal
•Learn how to encourage and motivate yourself through music, art, or positive self-talk
•Focus on efforts and not results
•Know your worth and importance

Grit Resources

60 Second Advice Based on Science & Research

Affirm Yourself

If you're new to affirmations, it can definitely feel a little silly but this silly habit has ENORMOUS benefits! Affirmations move your thoughts away from the negative and give you positive thoughts to focus on. Research has shown you can improve your mood just by saying affirmations daily. Don't limit yourself to the affirmations below. Say anything that makes you feel good. Repeat your affirmations until your brain rewires and replaces negative thoughts with positive ones.

Affirmation Examples

1. I believe in myself.

2. I can build self-esteem when I step outside my comfort zone.

3. It is enough to do my best.

4. I give myself permission to make mistakes.

5. I trust my decisions.

6. Today I will spread positive energy.

7. I deserve my dreams.

8. The more I let it go, the better I will feel.

9. My voice matters.

10. I am beautiful inside and out.

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No Shortcuts, Just Small Goals

There is a saying, How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. No, you don't have to eat an elephant, but this saying means that even a really big project is possible if you do it in small manageable steps. For example, if you have a three-page paper due in three weeks (that you are dreading), break it down. The first week, pick your topic and write 2 paragraphs. This gives you a whole week to do just a little bit of work. The next week, make it your goal to write one full page, and the last week make it a goal to complete the final page. This way you are focusing only on one small goal at a time, and it won't seem so overwhelming.

What People Don't See...

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Tools For Academic Success

1. Timers: Break up big goals into smaller (less intimidating) goals that you can complete in 20 minutes or less. Set your timer and go! As you start to complete the small goals your confidence will grow in tackling the big ones.

2. Phone Apps: Flashcards+, Evernote, and myHomework Student Planner are all great apps for keeping track of assignments. You can also set reminders and timers on your phone. Remember to set your timer for breaks too!

3. Planners, Journals & Calendars: Successful people write everything down including goals, to-do lists, and due dates!

4. Inspiration Board: Sometimes we need a visual reminder of our dreams. Create a vision board for your future dreams with pictures, quotes, art, textures, inspiration, etc. Keep it somewhere visible so you are motivated and inspired to do all the little things that move you towards your big goals.

Gritty Artists

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Keep Building Grit...YOU CAN DO IT!