Molly Pitcher

Her Story

Background Information

Molly Pitcher is a a nickname given to a women named Mary Ludwig Hays. She was born on October 13, 1974 in Trenton New Jersey to Maria Margaretha and Johann George Ludwig. Mary also had an older brother named Johann Martin. At the age of thirteen, Mary married William Hays who was a barber. he was also an artilleryman.
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Why Important

Molly Pitcher was in the war of Valley Forge and the Battle of Monmouth. In Valley Forge she joined her husband William at the Continental Army's winter camp. Molly would wash clothes and care for the sick and dying soldiers. In the Spring of 1778, where she was a water carrier. Molly would carry water to the troops on the field. This is where it is said that Molly got her nickname because the troops would call out Molly! Pitcher! In the Battle of Monmouth, Molly would give water to the Revolutionary soldiers. During the fight, Molly's husband was shot and carried off the battlefield. When this happened, Molly took his place at the cannon. For the rest of the fight she reloaded the cannon. After the fighting stopped, General Washington asked about the women who was at the cannon. Mary Hayes was given a warrant as a non commissioned officer. She was then known as Sergeant Molly, a nickname she then used for the rest of her life.
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After The War

Molly and William returned to Carlisle Pennsylvania after the war. They had a son named Johanes but in 1786 William Hayes died. In 1793 Molly married John McCauley and is reported that it was not a happy marriage. He was apparently the reason for her financial problems and made her sell the land that William left to her. Between 1807 and 1810, John disappeared and it is not known to what happened to him. On January 22, 1832 Molly died at the age of 78. A statue of Molly Pitcher stands next to a cannon in the cemetery where she is buried.