Debbie Stabenow

Senator from Michigan - Democrat

"She is a true friend and fighter for Michigan"

A little about her,

Born in Gladwin and raised in Clare, Debbie Stabenow knows what matters to Michigan. Elected to the United States Senate in 2000, she is respected for her ability to build coalitions to get things done for Michigan and our nation.As Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, and a member of the Senate Energy, Finance, and Budget Committees, she has a powerful and unique role to play in shaping our nation's manufacturing, health care, and agriculture policies, which are so critical to our future. Among her many accomplishments, she has cut taxes for small businesses and passed initiatives to revitalize our manufacturing sector. She also authored the retooling loan program for advanced manufacturers that is bringing jobs back to Michigan from Mexico.

Debbie's views on the Keystone Pipeline Bill

Stabenow is against the Keystone Pipeline Bill

Recent articles state that Debbie Stabenow voted against the Keystone Pipeline Bill.

In March of 2012, the Senate voted on an amendment proposed by Senator Hoeven to approve the Keystone pipeline project. The amendment passed 56-42 with the support of all Republicans and 1/5 of the Democrats. Debbie Stabenow voted against approving the Keystone Pipeline project.

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