Issue #: November 18th, 2015

Welcome to the November edition!

We look forward to seeing everyone! To clarify a couple of things:

1. We would love to have PD on the district PD days such as Wednesday the 11th, but those days are set aside for campuses to use, if they so choose. If you are available that day, we encourage you all to get together!

2. We will be starting a little later as the Allan campus is hosting some guests from Palm Elementary in the main building. This is also the reason why the agenda is going out a little later than we had intended.

3. If you are interested in having a snack, please bring something to share with everyone!

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Expanded Agenda

Please read through these carefully and think about what you maybe interested in. Bring your thoughts, questions, ideas, and a laptop!

Professional Learning Community Sharing!

Elementary: Please be prepared by bringing a read aloud you like, plans for displays/lessons/read alouds for the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter Holidays as well as Black History Month, New Year, etc. Also bring your questions and issues that you would to collaborate to solve as a group!

Secondary: Special programming or displays for the holidays or end of the semester. Ideas for book returns. Any booklists or book talks you would like to share. Also bring your questions and issues that you would like to collaborate to solve as a group!

Then choose one of the below:

Fields of Bluebonnets: Cultivating your Program

Elementary librarians: Do you have a great Bluebonnet program with fabulous ideas to share? Are you looking for inspiration to supercharge your Bluebonnet program, or get one started at your school? Or do you just want to know more about the TLA Bluebonnet reading list and programs? Come to this session moderated by Bluebonnet Selection Committee member and programming guru Kay Gooch!

Hour of Code - Sharing Experience and Ideas

Participating in hour of code this year? Interested, but not sure where to begin? We’ll look at resources to help plan for hour of code, and librarians who have participated in the past will share ideas. Bring your ideas, and questions and help us generate a list of activities that anyone can implement to participate in hour of code.

Attending an Adobe Connect Meeting

In an effort to increase our capacity as a group to take advantage to meeting in digital spaces (that do not require travel, traffic, and parking) we have asked a representative from Instructional Technology to come give us an overview of using Adobe Connect.

Integrating SEL in the Library

As teachers who work with every student in the school, librarians have opportunities every day to build and reinforce students’ social-emotional learning. We’ll talk about ways that we already integrate SEL into library lessons, programming, and procedures, and generate more ideas for supporting this important initiative with students and teachers. Bring a favorite SEL-relevant book or resource, a tip for finding resources to support particular SEL lessons and skills, and/or your willingness to listen and share. (ALL levels welcome - teens need SEL, too!)


Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 2:30-4:30pm

745 Mansell Avenue

Austin, TX