Io, moon of Jupiter

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Io is bigger than earths moon being 2,256 mi wide. It also is the fourth largest moon in the galaxy.


Io is the most volcanic active planet in the solar system, with over 400 hundred active volcanoes on it! It was also the first planet to have volcanoes of earth. Io's surface has smooth plain, pits of different sizes, lava flows, and mountains, some bigger than mt. Everest!


The atmosphere is thin, containing mostly sulfur dioxide. It also has sulfur monoxide, sodium chloride, sulfur, and oxygen. The color of io changes because of the sulfur changing temperature.
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Other information

  • Dicovered in 1610
  • Looks like a cheese pizza or rotten orange
  • Innermost Galilean
  • Named after a priestess or hera, and lover of Zeus
  • Also known as Jupiter 1, or first satellite of Jupiter
  • Galileo marked Io and Europa as a single point, and the next day they were fixed