NEWSLETTER - March 24th


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TERMS 1 & 2

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Tēnā tātou katoa

Firstly I would like to thank the whānau that turned up for our inaugural parent information session. Big shout out to all the teachers that presented an item. It was great to hear/see teachers showing clarity about what happens in our kura. We will upload the videos from the evening onto our website. We appreciate that it is a busy time of year for lots of our whānau with sport as well as work commitments. It is important that we connect with our whānau in different ways. Please get in touch if there is a subject that you’d like us to deliver an information session on. It can be anything from reading to what we do regarding bullying prevention.

Thank you so much for the Mufti Day for the Bay gold coin donations. We managed to raise a massive $821 for the schools in Hawkes Bay and Tāirawhiti.

This week we hosted our goal setting interview for students Years 9-13. It is important that if you haven’t managed to attend the allocated meeting time that you reschedule. Please contact Mrs Richardson asap. We are nearing the end of Term 1 and everyone needs to work together to ensure our students are on track to gain their NCEA credits.

Our thanks again go to Miss Stevens and Whaea Josie for organising our Athletics day. It was heart warming to see the students participating and achieving.

Mrs Barron has been busy water testing again this week with Dr Emily Roberts, DOC and the Year 9’s as part of their Science curriculum.

Six of our teachers joined teachers from Okato School and Oakura School in a Te Ara Taiao Professional Development Day at Puniho Pa last Tuesday. They will be disseminating their new learning with the larger team in Term 2. It was a wonderful day and a great chance for kaumatua from the Pa to share their stories and history as well as a chance to plan ahead for the year on our vision of kaitiakitanga of our moana.

Last week ended up being very messy with Taranaki Anniversary Day, the teachers strike and then the cancellation of Athletics due to poor weather. As a result the attendance was pretty poor also. Whilst we appreciate that not all students like physical activities, it is part of the New Zealand Curriculum and we want all students to have a go and participate. As a parent please try and encourage your child to take part in every aspect of the school curriculum.

With regard to the strike I would like to thank you for your support. We need to attract and retain high quality educators by ensuring that teaching is a valued and attractive profession. Principals and teachers in area schools considered at length the offer from the government to settle the respective collective agreements. The offers presented did not meet the expectations, nor make sufficient steps towards the changes we need for our children to succeed. Therefore the vote to take industrial action was made. It was not made lightly. Together with your support, building a case for better investment in our students is our priority.

Teachers in Years 7-11 are beginning to prepare our students for auditions of the main parts for our Moana Production in Term 2. The expectation is that students who audition and are given the part spend some time over the Easter break learning their lines. Auditions will be on Monday 3 April and we will post the parts on Wednesday 5 April. Exciting times! There is a slide to support applicants with their auditions on the first page of the website. Most parts are singing parts so be prepared to listen to the song on repeat over the next 2 weeks!

Our congratulations go to Mr Bright who married Taylah on Saturday. Our best wishes also go to Miss Gifkins who gets married tomorrow.

The hard working FOCTS team are putting on our very first Twilight Fiesta tonight from 5pm-8pm. Funds raised will go towards our court upgrade. Please contact them if you have the time and can support this event. See you there.

FOCTS have kindly donated some funding towards three of our Taranaki Team students attending the Area Schools Leadership camp in Akaroa. Without their support, these students would not be able to attend the event.

Miss Stevens, Whaea Josie and myself are working on a CTS Sport and PE strategic plan over the next couple of months. Once we have completed this, we’ll circulate the draft out to the community for your input. It is important that we are all working towards the same goals. This plan will include the court upgrade and in time the redevelopment of our school gym.

Whilst I am enjoying being the Acting Principal I am really looking forward to Mr Walden returning so I can resume my usual workstream. It’s pretty tough at the top let me tell you!

Kia pai to wiki

Sylvia Howieson

Acting Principal

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There is going to be a performance stage at the Fiesta on Friday. All aspiring musicians/ singers/ local bands welcome to perform. Please contact Whaea Justine or add your name to the blackboard on the night. Don't be shy, we want to hear your best karaoke number! (Scaramouch, Scaramouch, will you do the Fandango! etc )


Can whānau please ensure that they are travelling at 10 km or less on the driveway from Oxford road to the library. There are lots of students and younger siblings running around and we need everybody to be safe.

As a reminder the student drop off/pickup area is the first two car bays directly after the first crosswalk. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the drop off bays.

Please leave the bus drop off bays outside library clear for the safety of all students.


It's great to see all the healthy morning teas that the majority of you provide for your children. Please try and ensure that your child has a healthy morning tea. A healthy morning tea could look like this.

That way students will give the school lunches a try and may even enjoy them! Most of our students eat our delicious kai and we have very little waste but it would be good to see 100% of students giving them a go.

Thanks to Daniel Williams for mending our gate


There are still a large number of parents/carers who do not notify us of a reason for your child's absence. Please text us on 027 320 1267 or email us at or

Remember we are trying to get our students to be attending regularly - that is at least 90% of the time. Every day matters and poor attendance can lead to poor mental health and wellbeing. Some children find it difficult to make up for the learning lost.

Mufti Day Tuesday 28th March

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Rocco Maddox and Mason Coppen - For showing manaakitanga to another student.
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Pukeiti Rua - Learning to Swim

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Pre-enrolment for Pre-schoolers

If you have a pre-schooler who may attend Coastal Taranaki School in the future, it is very important that we have their details and add them to our list.

You can easily add your child's name to our pre-enrolment list - just complete the google doc below.

This information really helps us plan ahead regarding numbers of students starting school. It also makes it easier for me to contact you regarding Transition to School visits and to invite you to workshops/hui that may be of interest.

If you know of someone in our area that has not yet pre-enrolled, feel free to share the link. We already have students on our list who start in 2026 so it's never too early!

If you have any questions about Starting School please email

Kelly Madden

CTS Transition to School


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Athletics Day

Sunscreen on?
Put you hat on
Have you got your water bottles?
Feeling excited!
Have fun!
Wait for me at the crossing.
Ready, Set, Clap!
Run Run Run
Go go go
You can do this
Don’t stop yet
Get off the track !!!!
Don’t go over the board
Run run JUMP
Don’t throw it push it
High 5 the sky
Keep going you’re nearly there
The bar’s going higher now
Just run the 400m
Glitter popping over the runners
Well done Room 21
Great Job fine your stuff
Ahhh my legs hurt
Get in you lines
When are we going to do Hiiiiiggghhh Juuummmp?

Room 21


By meela

Sunscreen on?

Put on your hat

Get your drink bottles

Carry your bag down

Wait for me at the crossing!!

On your marks get set *bang*

Don’t stop run faster

You can do this

Scissor kick

Get off the track!!!

Don’t throw push!

Go to the back of the line

High 5 the sky!!

Jump higher

Where´s your clipboard

Go back at 1:45 sharp!!

Time to do relays!

Whanau colors

Run Run Run!!!

Sprint your fastest

Glitter popping on all the runners.

Don’t drop the batten

Only go on the whistle

Just run the 400m

When are going to high jump?

Well done room 21

Great job! find your stuff

Ahhh! my legs hurt!

Athletics day

Do you have sunscreen on?

Put on a hat!

Whanau colours

Take your drink bottles!

Carry your bag down

Try your best Room 21!

Wait for me at the crossing!

On your marks get set *Bang*

Sprint your fastest!

Dont stop your nearly there!

Just run the 400m

Go to shot put now!

Where's your clipboard!

Get in your order

High five the sky!

Pass it to the next person

Now go get it

Stop being silly!

Go to the back of the line

Get off the track!

Mrs Normanton, my legs hurt

Come back at 1:45 sharp!

Time to do relays!

Wait at the flags by long jump

Run run run!

Pick up all the stuff!



Why Ora Programme 2023

Why Ora Programme 2023

(Workshops Begin Wed 22 March)

Our Maori students have been invited to participate in the TDHB Why Ora programme again this year. This programme introduces students to a wide variety of roles in the health sector and supports the teaching of science subjects in school. They will have the opportunity to be mentored by Why Ora staff and will be exposed to information delivered by Why Ora and hospital staff which will allow them to make informed choices when choosing subjects and their career pathway.

Students will be transported to Base Hospital for each session and will be supervised by science staff. They will be expected to be in correct uniform and represent Coastal Taranaki School in the best possible way.

Dates of attendance are as follows;

Why Ora Rapuara Workshops:

1st workshop – Wednesday 22nd March 12:30-2:30PM. Lunch will be provided by Why Ora ( no lunches needed at school)

2nd Workshop – Wednesday 14th June 10-12PM

3rd Workshop – Wednesday tbc

4th Workshop – Wednesday tbc


Workshop 1 – school van leaves CTS Library at 11.45am and returns to CTS at 3pm

Workshop 2 - school van leaves CTS Library at 9.15am and returns to CTS at 12.30pm

Students invited to attend are;

Jordan Smith

He Tairoa Goodin

Keira Bloxham

Ocean Baylis

Deakin Phillips Sinton

Manaia Papa

Krystal-Breeze Ryder

Te Ariki Williams Clay

Marcos Hunt

Teina Pauro


Music can assist the brain in re-organizing and creating new neural pathways.

There is no other subject that grows neuron pathways as effectively as practising music, on any instrument. Essentially it builds bigger brains, especially around creativity and problem solving. Our students have been keen to learn how to play the recorder and have been practicing.

Science Lab Coats

We have some lab coats! Mrs Barron and Miss Howieson and delighted that we finally have lab coats for our students to use in our Science Department. FOCTS kindly funded half of the cost, $500.
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Science Water Testing Field Trip

On Tuesday 21st March, year 9 went on a water testing field trip as part of their Science curriculum with Jane Dobson from Te Ara Taiao.. They tested water sites within walking distance of school.

Pathways Update - March

Where students study-

18 students are in Trades Academy classes at WITT at level 2 and 3 NCEA

- 3 Students are in the 3+2 programmes at level 3

- 2 students are at “Learnerme” in Technology classes

- 2 students are in the RSIS Gateway programme

- 1 student will be taking part in a Sustainability course at WITT from term 3

- 4 students will be taking part in a café/barista Gateway programme term 3

Other Star and Gateway courses are included on the Pathways calendar.

In 2023 Areas of study include;

Agriculture 2

Engineering 5

Automotive 3

Animal Care 1

Build a Bridge 1

Barbering 2

Sport and Fitness 3

Cookery 2

Health and Wellness 1

Hairdressing 1

Food and Beverage 1

Technology 2

Retail 2

Experience Days - Massey University - April Holidays

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International Triathlete

This week we were lucky to have Claire Michel - International Triathlete from Belgium come to give our students some inspiration before Athletics day! Claire has been to 3 Olympic Games and is training for the Paris Olympics 2024 and is competing in the 2023 World Triathlon Cup in New Plymouth this Sunday!


An amazing day of Athletic fun this week for Coastal Taranaki School Athletics, where all students did their best.

A big Ngā mihi nui to all staff and helpers who made the day an enjoyable one for our students!

Overall the general attitude from students was positive and they are connecting with the “why” they do it. Seniors getting rather competitive and doing it for their whanau. Junior/Primary sector were happy and enjoyed the experience too. Ka pai.

Results will be updated on Friday as we have some 200m runs, a throw and high jumps to complete in P.E for those who didn’t quite get completely around. Great relay organisation from student Whanau leaders!

CTS Sports - Facebook page

Head over to our school sports facebook page CTS Sports and follow for all our school sports news, results and updates.


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Are you an aspiring young artist aged between 5-18 looking for the chance to exhibit your work? Or do you know someone that fits the bill? We have the perfect opportunity!

Young people with all levels of experience are invited to submit their work based on the question:


We’ll select up to 20 pieces to go on display from Sunday 16 April – Sunday 30 April 2023 for the duration of the PredARTor Free Showcase at Pukeiti, complementing 50 pieces by established artists.

Medium: Recyclable materials no larger than 1m x 1m. Must be suitable to be displayed outdoors for a three week exhibition period.

Prizes: $250 Prezzy Card and the opportunity to have your work on display permanently at Pukeiti.

Deadline: Friday 7 April 2023

Drop off for submissions:
Pukeiti – 2290 Carrington Road, New Plymouth | Wednesday 5 April 10am – 4pm

Tūpare - 487 Mangorei Road, Highlands Park, New Plymouth 4312 | By appointment

Taranaki Regional Council - 47 Cloten Road, Stratford 4332 | Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm

For more information please contact Zoe via or call 027 660 5523

Register your artwork today and be in to win!



Scott Walden - Principal

Sylvia Howieson Deputy Principal - Acting Principal Term 1

Marian Richardson Deputy Principal,HOF Technology, Secondary Team Leader (Taranaki)

Kenneth McMorland English

Glenda Palmer Careers/Vocational, Social Sciences, Languages

Rebecca Barron Science/Ag

John Riccitelli Maths Years 11-13

Alana Glentworth Maths Year 9/10

Steve Leppard Technology

Bridget Shaw Art

Casey Stevens P.E & Health, Sports Administrator

Ãria Broughton Te Reo

Justine Francis Music

Craig Taylor Relese

Jason Brewer Year 7/8 Teacher

Karla Jorgensen Team Leader Year 7/8 Teacher

Pip Gorrie Digi Tech, CCIT Lead, Specialist Teacher

Renee Leathley Kaitake Team Leader, Year 5/6 Teacher

Margaret Normanton Year 5/6 Teacher

Liana Gifkins Year 4 Teacher

Emily Finey Year 2/3 Teacher

Baylie Bright Year 2/3 Teacher

Philippa Hofmans Team Leader Year 1/2 Teacher

Jemma Moorby Year 1 Teacher

Kelly Madden NE Transition Teacher

Shelley Cook SENCO / Reading Recovery

Lisa Betts Guidance Counsellor

Sarah Warren Reading Recovery trainee

Sarah Oke Release / Tech on 45

Delwyn Pearce School Librarian

Kirsty Koboski Publicity Officer

Jacky Kopu Office Manager

Nicky Phillips Office, Funding & Sports


Josephine Simons Sports Co-ordinator

Ole Bucka Grounds & Maintenance

Learning Assistants

Darryl Levett

Kirsty Koboski

Johanna Poutini

Paula Fleming

Dee Heath

Jess Harfield

Ruth Barron

Kyle Manson

Ian Robinson

Nicole Whittle

Kaycee Cresswell