ITL Meeting Notes


Summer School Info/Update

  • Title 1 Summer School packets will be passed out the last week of school. (Information will include flyer, transportation, attendance, drop off/pick up, etc).
  • K-1: ESL Summer information packets will be coming soon.

EOY Letters for SSI

  • K-2: Make a copy for a class set. When completed - make 2 copies (one for report card / one for cum folder)
  • Fill out name, teacher's name, ISIP rating, DRA 2 rating, check for on or above level, dash for below, state which TIER level.

Report Cards

  • Report cards are distributed on Friday.
  • Please know, they will not go home early and will stay at the school if parents are unable to pick them up on Friday (i.e. moving, vacation, etc).
  • Parents may pick them up at the school or submit their address and they will be mailed to them.

Class List

  • Please utilize the Google doc. that Heather shared with you.
  • Reading TIERS: 1 is above level / 2 is on level / 3 is below level.
  • Behavior: 1 is good / 2 is some difficulties / 3 is disruptive behavior.
  • They will be clustering ESL/GT kids but if the numbers are larger than 8 - they will be split up.
  • Also consider who works well together as well as behavior problems.
  • SpEd students-please consider clustering these kiddos in same content area - but also keep in mind for behavior problems which may impede their learning. (Consider talking to SpEd, ESL or Speech teachers for insight with the clustering.)
  • Label the tabs at the bottom as generic (teacher 1, teacher 2, teacher 3, no names etc).
  • If Speech/GT/ESL etc, requested something for the class list, please make a notation but there is no guarantee it will come to fruition - but all efforts will be made.
  • Any questions - please contact Manuel.
  • Please share this Google document with Manuel and Manuel will check with Brandy to see if she wants a hard copy or sharing rights.

Title 1 Documents

  • They are beginning to collect information/documents for Title 1 tub.
  • Should you come across any files, please give them to Tina.
  • If something specific is needed, you will be contacted.
  • Provide your monitoring assessment from LLI to Tina.
  • Any questions, please ask!

EOY Expectations - (More Info will be provided on the next staff meeting.)

  • Thursday, 26May last day for Title 1 tutors.
  • Last day for tutoring - 19May - Communicate to parents.
  • Last day for LLI - 20May.
  • Guided Reading Inventory - start the process of collecting/rounding up books, collect money for lost inventory - 20May.
  • Will meet one more time during morning Collaborative Planning for Name and Needs - Kristen will touch base with you on this.
  • Character Kids / Ashley Young needs these names by 18May (1 boy /1 girl).
  • Red Carpet / 19May / After announcements.

Technology EOY and Refresh -More information on EOY Checklist

  • Please know we will be getting new teacher computers. Please remove all items from the small teacher computer table as well as removing any bookcases, drapes, chairs, etc. which may be in front of the table. We need this area cleared for wire management and removal. Please try to do this Thursday afternoon.
  • Teacher idevices will be picked up on Tuesday, 31May.
  • Starting Wednesday, 25May to the end of the year, Pod 2 and 3 will be closed for the duration of the school year. The computer labs will be dismantled due to our refresh.
  • Additionally, the technology checkout carts will not be available beginning, 01June.

  • Kiki will be at Sem (Friday morning - 03June) to sign off on the EOY checklist. Please know, Sandra will not be on campus that day.


  • Teaching is still happening.
  • No full length movies - If you do show clips - please follow the guidelines.
  • Continue to plan until the end of the year.
  • Cannot take anything off the walls until Thursday, 02June - after school.
  • More clarification on what exactly what can be taken off your walls is forthcoming.
  • Do not take anything down on Friday during the school day.
  • You will be completing cum folders during your planning on Friday.
  • Changing classrooms? - Cannot to be done during the school day while students are in your class.
  • School will be open on Sat, (possible Sunday) and the following week.
  • Do not encourage parents to pick up students early after the party or on Friday.
  • Do not move furniture out into the hallway. There will be inventories for furniture - Ashley will be sending information on this soon.
  • Should know by next week where classroom placements will be.
  • EOY awards - should you use the cafeteria, flex lab, computer pod etc, please communicate with each other as well as the front office staff. Check with Pam too!

Stay Strong!

With the end of the year so near, Manuel appreciates all of your hard work and efforts.