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3rd Grade in the Purple House

We are constantly learning new things, writing about what we learn, using technology for research and application of knowledge. We collaborate with each other. We reflect. We're proud to be in the Purple House!
Bill of Rights Video Skits

Our class acted out some of the Bill of Rights

Math Video Lessons

Do you need some extra practice on a specific skill? Were you absent during a lesson I gave? Do you like to make sure you understand something really well? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please watch my Educreations Lessons created JUST FOR YOU!!!

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Homefun Week of 9-23 through 10-1

Solve the 9 estimation word problems that your class created for our visitors on Grand Opening Day. Complete these on a sheet of notebook paper to turn in. Please include your name, date, and title. You will get to use QR codes to "check your work" after you've completed all problems.


Are You Smarter Than a 3rd Grader?

Test your skills at 3rd grade word problems that learners created just for you!

1. Sarah and John loved to eat candy. They ate 112 pieces of candy every day. One day, they ate 263 pieces! Rounded to the nearest hundred, what’s the approximate number of pieces they ate in all?

A.) 375 pieces

B.) 300 pieces

C.)151 pieces

D.) 400 pieces

2. Ruby and John were skiing. One the first day, they skied for 323 miles. On the second day, they skied for 426 miles. Rounded to the nearest hundred, what is the approximate combined number of miles they skied?

A.) 700 mi.

B.) 749 mi.

C.) 750 mi.

D.) 103 mi.

3. The Army had 11,451 people enrolled in one of its divisions stateside. After 1 year, 786 people were deployed and 658 people joined stateside. To the nearest hundred, approximately how many people are enrolled stateside in this Army division now?

A.) 10,000 people

B.) 11,500 people

C.) 11,323 people

D.) 11,400 people

4. George and Emily drove 464 miles for the first day of a trip. The next day, they drove for 64 miles. On the last day, they traveled 76 miles. To the nearest ten, approximately how many more miles did they travel on the first day than the second and third days combined?

A.) 600 miles

B.) 320 miles

C.) 300 miles

D.) 330 miles

5. Kunal and Davide like to travel, so they went to China. They flew 6,999 miles from Dallas to Beijing China. When they arrived, they took a called a cab into the city and went 36 miles. They got off and walked 8 more miles to the hotel. Then they called the cab and traveled 75 miles to the Great Wall of China. To the nearest ten, how many miles did they travel total?

A.) 7,118 mi.

B.) 6,870 mi.

C.) 7,130 mi.

D.) 7,100 mi.

6. Each night Clack and Jack read their library books as part their homework. On the first day, Clack read 15 pages and Jack read 34 pages. The second day, Clack read 38 pages, and Jack read 41 pages. Rounded to the nearest ten, how many pages did they read altogether?

A.) 50 pages

B.) 128 pages

C.) 130 pages

D.) 80 pages

7. At Selia’s Sofa Shop there are 9,865 floor tiles. At Iggy’s Ice-Cream Shop there are 7,986 floor tiles. To the nearest hundred, about how many more floor tiles does Iggy’s shop have than Selia’s shop?

A.) 1,900 more tiles

B.) 17,900 more tiles

C.) 1,879 more tiles

D.) 1,880 more tiles

8. Sally and Bob loved biking. They always biked 213 miles everyday. To the nearest ten, how many miles do they bike in one week?

A.) 2,100 mi.

B.) 1,400 mi.

C.) 1,050 mi.

D.) 1,470 mi.

9. Mrs. Shaner and her son Andrew like to travel somewhere every summer vacation. They flew 555 miles the first year they took a vacation. The next year, they flew 654 miles to Miami. The third year, they drove 115 miles to a city nearby. What is the approximate number of miles they flew?

A.) 1,400 mi.

B.) 100 mi.

C.) 1,209 mi.

D.) 1,300 mi.