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September 25, 2020

A Message from our Principal...

Dear Jefferson Families,

Fall is upon us! The weather has been exceptional this week. I hope you and your family have been able to be outside a bit to enjoy it. Soon the trees will be showing their fall colors. To me, that signals a time when we have our first round of student-led conferences. Please look for information from your child’s homeroom teacher on Monday regarding scheduling a Zoom student-led conference for either October 7th or 8th.

Remote learning has been quite challenging for everyone. Not being in person, where teachers and students are able to interact easily with one another, has had a huge impact on student participation. Student participation is vitally important in the learning environment. For students, participation helps them interact with the new knowledge and explore how it fits with what they already know. They have a greater chance of remembering it when they are actively doing something with that new information. Not only does class participation help students learn material more thoroughly, but teachers are able to gauge whether students have learned the skills and concepts that are being taught. They are able to see what needs to be retaught or expanded upon. Could you talk with your child about how they participate in their online classroom activities? Your encouragement and conversations about school are hugely important. We know it’s tough, but for now, remote learning is school! We can make lemonade out of this lemon!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help and support you and your child in their education.

Happy start to Fall 2020!

Most sincerely,

Dr. Judy Floeter

Virtual Student Led Parent-Teacher Conferences for Jefferson

Wednesday, October 7th (2:00-8:00)


Thursday, October 8th (8:00-6:30)

Parents, one of the biggest influences on student achievement is self-reported grades! This means that the students assess the quality of their own work or their level of mastery over a given objective. Having the students explain their progress and where they are in there learning can provide up to three years of additional growth in learning for every year. Wow, that’s a huge impact!

Teachers will be sending conference sign-up information to you on Monday! As always, time slots are on a first come first serve basis so please don't hesitate to reserve your meeting time! A more detailed letter regarding conferences from Dr. Floeter is in the link below in both English and Spanish!

Meet Some of Jefferson's Special Education Teachers!

Bee Mindful...

Great News!!!!! The amount of students who have reported that they are tired has significantly decreased! Keep up the great work with your bedtime routine! Get your brain and body moving with some brain breaks!

Check out this fun website:

Show Some Respect

Parent's Corner

Hello families!


NEXT WEEK: Thursday October 1st, the Parent Community Liaisons will be welcoming

Dr. Ferney Ramirez

for the first of twelve Facebook Live workshops in Spanish for parents.


  • Teach parents positive parenting guidelines and motivational techniques to help their children develop social and intellectual skills that make them leaders and owners of their decisions.

  • Offer efficient psycho-pedagogical tools for parents to help their children to be successful in school and thus lead them, little by little, to make the best decision of their lives: POST SECONDARY SCHOOL.

  • Offer training in effective empowerment and persuasion techniques so that they help their children develop self-confidence and thus face the problem of bullying, criticism, rejection and isolation…. Typical situations that occur in the school environment.

Most sincerely,

Alisha Durán
Bilingual Parent Community Liaison
815-943-6464 Ext. 2448
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