Team 7 Newsletter



Lately, we have been working on solving equations. Last week we looked at how to solve them using hands-on manipulative called algebra tiles. This week we will take a more algebraic approach.

Monday-Solving Equations Practice

Tuesday-Solving Equations Quiz

Wednesday-Combining Like Terms using addition

Thursday-Combining Like Terms using subtraction

Friday-Expanding and Factoring Expressions

Students will be assigned problem sets on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Language Arts

Students have just finished reading part 1 of Long Way Down and seem to really enjoy the book, which as a Language Arts teacher, is my favorite part of teaching! While we are reading, students will work on vocabulary, complete comprehension questions, and analyze poetry. Next week, we will continue working on these skills with part 2 of the novel.

Monday: LWD part 2 packet (finish for homework)

Tuesday: LWD poetry analysis

Wednesday: LWD quiz and vocabulary word maps (finish for homework)

Thursday: LWD reading part 3

Friday: LWD part 3 packet (finish for homework)

Just a reminder: Homework is due the next day after it is assigned. If not turned in, assignments will be marked as "missing." Students have a week beyond the due date to turn in missing assignments or they will be counted as Fs (50%).

Social Studies

We have just started our new unit on East Asia, and we are currently focusing on countries such as Japan, China, Mongolia, the Koreas, and Taiwan. There is a packet we did mostly in class we did about Mongolia to begin, and that is due this Monday (1/27) If students used time wisely in class, they may just have one or two questions to complete. The video page we did in class, but if need be it will be posted on Schoology, as well as just about everything from this week.

This coming week we will begin our section on Japan. I have a lot of students excited for this one, as many seem to be interested in Japanese culture already. If we have time (and no snow days) we may start on the Koreas as well. I am looking forward to another good week!


Intro to Japan


Japanese Culture


Japanese Influence

Intro to Koreas


South Korean Culture

Big picture