80's Fashion Day for THON

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URGENT Action Items

  • Door Monitoring: It's important that all teachers be at their doors during the exchange of classes to help with hallway supervision.
  • THON Volunteers - Staff members are needed to help out with PGHS THON on Saturday, May 14th at Pottsgrove Middle School
  • Dress Code Violations: As this weather gets warmer, dress code violations will be on the rise. if you see a student that is violating the dress code, please contact the office.
  • GSN Reminder - See Below about the need to complete GSN Training before May 31, 2016.

  • PLC Dates - Monday, May 2, 2016 – 1 Hour Meeting – Topic: Healthcare Presentation
Tuesday, May 3, 2016 – 1 Hour Meeting – Topic: Senior Awards Selection – Faculty meeting in the Library

Friday, May 6, 2016 – Leave Early at student dismissal

Friday, May 27, 2016 – Leave Early at Student dismissal

  • AP/Dual Enrollment Rosters - As we continue to work on scheduling for 16/17, please note that AP/Dual Enrollment rosters for 16/17 will be sent out toward the end of May. That way these teachers can provide summer work, meet with students, and communicate expectations for the course.

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Teacher/Staff Volunteers Needed for THON

We still need several volunteers to help out with THON on Saturday, May 14th - See Mrs. Reinhart or Mrs. Steinmetz if you are interested.

Student Directed Play Performs for School

Hannah Windrim, Senior at PGHS, was selected as the playwright for the No Place for Hate student directed play. This play, "Andy," tells the story of a Transgender student. Since we do not have an auditorium, the play will be performed in the Gymnasium.

5/20/2016 - Friday - Student Directed Play - "Andy" - In the Gymnasium

Period 1 - 11th grade

Period 2 - 12th grade

Period 3 - 9th grade

Period 6 - 10th grade

New Team Member at PGHS

It is our pleasure to welcome Ms. Leigh-Ann Spilman-Cooper (See pic Below) to the position of Attendance Clerk. She will be working at the South Entrance and will be the person at the front desk to greet and welcome everyone to Pottsgrove.

Events This Week

Monday: AP Biology and Physics C - Mechanics Testing
Team Meeting

Tuesday: Faculty Meeting

Wednesday: AP English Language Testing

ACT 80

Thursday: AP Statistics Testing

College Commitment Signing Day - 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Listen, Learn, Lead Session with Dr. Ziegler 2:23-2:53 p.m. in the Library


Saturday: Key Club Mini-Thon - Pottsgrove Middle School

Listen, Learn, Lead Sessions

Dr. Ziegler will be in the Library during the times below to Listen, Learn, and Lead about how we can make our school better for every student. These meetings are completely VOLUNTARY and Bill has no agenda but to listen and learn.

Listen: He will listen to your ideas on how to improve our school for students.

Learn: He will learn with you a new learning tool that you are interested in trying or exploring.

Lead: He will partner with you in leading something that achieves success for every student.

Dates: Wednesday, May 12, 2016 2:25-2:53 p.m. in the Library

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 2:25-2:53. in Library

GSN Reminder

A friendly reminder:

All middle school and high school employees are required to fulfill the suicide awareness and prevention training requirements for Pennsylvania by viewing the selected tutorial through the GCN Training site. These trainings may be broken down into as many sessions as needed to complete the training. This feature will allow the employee to fit this training into their schedule.

Suicide Prevention– New – 7/1/15 (2 hours long) - This tutorial must be viewed twice within a five (5) year window. We will offer this training every year so the staff can meet this requirement.

In addition, the Pottsgrove School District requires all employees who have not viewed the updated Sexual Harassment tutorial to view this on-line tutorial to fulfill the Mandated Child Abuse training requirements for Pennsylvania.

As of July 2014, one (1) revised tutorial was released and must be viewed by all employees:

Sexual Harassment – PA – Revised 7/1/14 (22 minutes long)

Both tutorials are now on the website and may be viewed at The organization ID is 84402p

All employees, including Professional Staff, Classified Staff, Substitutes and Coaches must view the required tutorials by May 31, 2016.

Like the past required trainings, this would be considered a professional obligation for all professional staff and needs to be done on your own time.

Hourly classified staff will be required to watch the videos on your own, however the District will compensate you for your time. After viewing the video(s), print the certificate of completion and attach it to a timesheet. Forward the timesheet to Human Resources for processing.

All employees should contact Mrs. Debbie Brilla ( when you have completed the training and she will update your file.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this critical information. We know that as Facilities employees, Secretarial employees, Assistants, Technology employees, Professionals, and Administrators, we each share the same priority of keeping students and staff safe and we commend you each for your efforts while being a member of the Pottsgrove School District Team. Please contact me with any questions.

William R. Shirk Jr. Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent

Debbie Brilla

Pottsgrove School District

Human Resources Specialist

610-327-2277 ext. 1012

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Renovation Update

Auditorium/Aux. Gym - There will be significant renovation work conducted in the Auditorium and Aux. Gym over the next two weeks. This will include loud noises such as jack hammers, power tools, and lifts moving around. If you believe that your class needs to be relocated due to these noises, please let me know and we will work to accommodate you.

The Loading Dock/Faculty Room hallway is now closed to Students/Staff.


Since we have limited parking in the South Parking Lot, please park in the Tennis Court (West Parking Lot)

Penn Literacy Network - Joe Ginotti

During our most recent Professional Development, Joe referenced Collins Writing. Here is the link to Collins Writing program if you want to dig in and learn more. Click Here for Collins Writing

Please begin to practice what you learned on Thursday and share your highlights, success, struggles, and questions. We need to keep the learning continuing around literacy, please take time in the next two weeks to reflect on Joe's presentation in your PLC's.

Click Here to Visit the Penn Literacy Network Webpage

This literacy focus aligns with our School Improvement Plan - Goal # 2 Strategy #4.

Strategy #4 - Learn and implement identified literacy strategies in social studies, science, and English courses.

SIP (School Improvement Plan) Goal #1 & Goal #2

Goal #1 - Establish a system within the school that fully ensures the consistent implementation of standards-aligned curricula across all classrooms for all students.

Goal #2 - Establish a system within the school that fully ensures the consistent implementation of effective instructional practices across all classrooms.

Remind Alerts for Faculty/Staff

I'm using Remind to send important updates, assignments, and information for PGHS Team (Faculty & Staff). Please click on the link below to join our class. (For reference, our class code is @pghsteam.)

Thanks for joining!


P.S. Remind is a free, safe, and easy way for me to reach you with important information. You can choose to receive notifications by text, email, or the app. Having trouble? Go here:

Upcoming Events

5/9/2016 - Monday - AP Biology and Physics C - Mechanics Testing

5/9/2016 - Monday - Team Meeting

5/10/2016 - Tuesday - Faculty Meeting

5/11/2016 - Wednesday - AP English Language Testing

5/11/2016 - Wednesday - ACT 80

5/12/2016 - Thursday - AP Statistics Testing

5/12/2016 - Thursday - College Commitment Signing Day - 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

5/14/2016 - Saturday - Key Club Mini-Thon - Pottsgrove Middle School

5/16/2016 - Monday - Algebra I Keystone Testing - 2 hour delay for non-test takers

5/16/2016 - Monday - Department Meeting

5/17/2016 - Tuesday - Algebra I Keystone Testing - 2 hour delay for non-test takers

5/17/2016 - Leadership Meeting

5/18/2016 - Wednesday - Literature Keystone Testing - 2 hour delay for non-test takers

2:25 p.m. Listen, Learn, and Lead in Library with Dr. Ziegler

5/19/2016 - Thursday - Literature Keystone Testing - 2 hour delay for non-test takers

5/20/2016 - Friday - Student Directed Play - "Andy" - In the Gymnasium

Period 1 - 11th grade

Period 2 - 12th grade

Period 3 - 9th grade

Period 6 - 10th grade

5/23/2016 - Monday - Mandatory Senior Trip participants informational meeting periods 1, 2, 3

5/23/2016 - Monday - PLC

5/24/2016 - Tuesday - Senior's report at normal time for a Mandatory Senior meeting for distribution of caps and gowns. No 2 hour delay for seniors.

5/24/2016 - Tuesday - Biology Keystone Testing - 2 hour delay for non-test takers

5/25/2016 - Wednesday - Biology Keystone Testing - 2 hour delay for non-test takers

5/25/2016 - Wednesday - Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center - Middle School Auditorium 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

5/26/2016 - Thursday - Class Awards Assemblies (following a regular day schedule) High School Gym

Freshmen - 8:27 a.m. - 9:17 a.m.

Juniors - 9:21 a.m. - 10:11 a.m.

Sophomores - 12:33 p.m. - 1:23 p.m.

5/27/2016 - Friday - Student Directed Play - "Andy" 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Pottsgrove Middle School Auditorium

6/8/2016 - Wednesday - Senior Finals

6/8/2016 - Wednesday - Booster Club Banquet - 6:00 p.m. Sunnybrook Ballroom

6/9/2016 - Thursday - Senior Finals

6/09/2016 - Thursday - Senior Awards - Pottsgrove Middle School 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

6/14/2016 - Tuesday - Student 1/2 day

6/15/2016 - Wednesday - Student 1/2 day

6/15/2016 - Wednesday - Graduation

6/16/2106 - Thursday - Student 1/2 day - Student's last day

6/17/2016 - Friday - Last Staff Day