August 22nd with Dylan William

Coordinated by the Waterford Graded School District

Our event is coming soon............registration is limited.

Please contact Kathy Hoppe, Assistant Superintendent for the Waterford Graded School District ASAP if you are interested in registering any teachers or administrators. You can reach me either by e-mail at or by phone @ 514-8200 ext. 5300. Each school district will be billed $30.00 per registrant which includes lunch.

Dylan Wiliam is well-known for his work in the area of assessment

Dylan Wiliam is Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment at the Institute of Education, University of London where, from 2006 to 2010 was its Deputy Director. In a varied career, he has taught in urban public schools, directed a large-scale testing program, served a number of roles in university administration, including Dean of a School of Education, and pursued a research program focused on supporting teachers to develop their use of assessment in support of learning.

Embedding Formative Assessment with Teacher Learning Communitites

Thursday, Aug. 22nd, 8:30am-3pm

100 Field Drive

Waterford, WI

Waterford Union High School - parking is available on the southeast parking lot on the corner of Water and Washington Streets. Participants can enter our commons (cafeteria) area by Door 1 as the auditorium entrance is located just inside/on the east side of the commons.

Agenda for the Day

8:30 AM Why we need to raise achievement, what's been tried, and why it hasn't worked

9:15 AM Formative assessment: what it is and what it is not

10:00 AM Break

10:30 AM Strategies and practical techniques for formative assessment (part 1)

12:00 PM Lunch (Included with Registration)

1:00 PM Strategies and practical techniques for formative assessment (part 2)

1:45 PM Sustaining professional learning with teacher learning communities

3:00 PM Close