SVMS Counseling

Monica Ulbricht and Maria Esparza

Counselor Message:

Middle school may be one of the most exciting and yet challenging times for not only a child’s life but their parents as well. The personal and educational transformations your child will make during these years will be monumental. They enter our school as a child; they leave a teenager. Middle school students fervently seek their “niche” amongst their peers all the while developing and exploring their own interests. This is the perfect time for you to watch and learn from them. Acceptance, assurance and encouragement by you will go a long way toward possible insecurities and/or feelings of isolation that may develop in this stage of their life. These feelings are completely normal in middle school and it is vitally important that our students (and parents) understand that they are not alone in this journey. Your Smithson Valley Middle School Counselors want you to know that we are here to support your children each and every day! It is our privilege to lovingly provide comfort and direction to your child and to remind them that the entire faculty, staff and administration at SVMS have a true desire to guide our students to be the BEST THEY CAN BE!!

SVMS Counselor Goals

* Academic skills support

*Organizational, study and test-taking skills

*Coping strategies

*Career awareness, exploration and planning

*Goal-setting/decision- making

*Academic planning

*Peer relationships and effective social skills

*Education in understanding self and others

*Communication, problem-solving, decision-making and conflict resolution

*Multicultural/diversity awareness

*Career planning

*Substance abuse education

*Education in understanding of self, including strengths and weaknesses

*Transition planning

Needs and/or Concerns?

Monica Ulbricht (Last Names M-Z)


Maria Esparza (Last Names A-L)