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England Sunrise September 14,1764 Three Snakes and Hurricane Issac Make a Splat

In the middle of hurricane season Humpty, King Francis's royal cook, was making snake eye stew. When he went to put the snakes in, they hissed and knocked over a growth potion into the pot. Humpty was partially blind and is deaf, not realizing they were alive or the potion got knocked over. Humpty dropped them in and went to go get some ingredients.Then Jane, Jack, and Caleb, the three snakes, hissed and grew. Caleb, the leader of the snakes, hissed, "He looksss like a tassty egg." Then the snakes chased after Humpty making him run through the city square shouting, "Ahhhh someone tell the king I'm in great danger." Then Caleb found him and chased him up the bell tower. Humpty didn't know what to do and pulled the rope on the bell and shouted, "Heeeeellp me somebody." Caleb corners him up to the ladder and said, "Why are you making ssssuch a racket you'll be jusssst fine." Humpty had no choice but to go up the ladder and shout and ring the bell. Right as he put his hand on one of the three poles holding up the bell, he flew sideways and was flapping like a flag, said one necklace seller in the city square. Caleb came up making Humpty fall and hit a city square wall and fell on the dirt road. King Francis and his famous horse,Twinkle, and his three guards, Herold, Bill, and Joe, went over and tried to mend him together again. Humpty wasn't able to be mended back together again, so they filled him up in a glass coffin in the center of the square. Everybody the next day smelled rotten eggs and went to bury him as a reward in Souix City, Iowa.


Stingrays, The Unknown Creature in Water

Have you ever thought of what's in the water of the world, or have you ever made up a boneless sea creature? Today an Australian scientist, Albert, was recently scuba diving when he saw “A boneless sea creature made out of tough cartilage that looked like it was flying like a bird or butterfly.” Some scientists have been studying this Stingray and found out that the top part of a Stingray is rough like sandpaper and the bottom is smooth like a snake's skin. One scientist in the waters by the Amazon reported he saw the same thing, but it was in a freshwater area. Albert also found a Manta Ray off the coast of Australia and measured it four meters across. Many scientists are finding species every day, “So far we have found 550 species,” said Albert.” All the Stingrays that we have found have slits called gills on the underside of the Stingray,” said Albert.The Stingrays Albert found were on the seafloor. They put an underwater camera on a Stingray and found out that they eat bottom dwelling creatures like clams, oysters, shellfish ,and certain fishes. Albert also said, “Some Stingrays live close to the top of water and eat certain fish and plankton.” Albert also caught some footage of a Stingray at great depths. In conclusion, these are mysterious creatures that roam the deep.

Jurassic World By:Colin Trevorrow

Have you ever wanted was to see action in the past? Jurassic World, a sequel to Jurassic Park, brings back the past with an island filled with dinosaurs. A family over the summer sends their kids to Jurassic World because a family member, Clair, works their. Right as their kids, Zach and Grey, get to Jurassic World they come out with a new stealth dinosaur, Idomnisaurous Rex, as an attraction, and then the I-Rex escaped. The dinosaur trainer, Owen, training velociraptors helps them find the dinosaur.The new dinosaur hunts for sport leaving a lot of dinosaurs in pain. Many of the tourists escape the island, while the scientists and Owen, Clair, Zach and Grey try to find the dinosaurs.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is an action packed game with exploration and building your own home. Fallout 4 starts out with a nuclear bomb being set off and destroying the Earth. But luckily, there are vaults deep underground where you live and you're not allowed to leave. Eventually your character escapes and you set off on an adventure. You can start on finding resources and building your house. Also you can explore and find little towns to trade or buy resources at.
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