The Finding of new Metals

By Jackson Herman


Iron is a metal still used all over the world today! This metal was found in the ancient world by the Hittites who lived in the area called Anatolia. This metal is used in automobiles, ships, construction projects, machinery, cook ware, and many other things!


Copper is a metal also used for many things today. It is used in construction as well, due to it being waterproof. It is also used in ships, industrial work, and wiring. Copper was found by the Sumerians.


Gold is used today in jewelry, coins, crowns, trophies, the financial system, glass making, the field of medicine, and even the field of electronics. Gold was found by the Sumerians.


Silver is used in jewelry, coins, dishware, pottery, and industrial pieces, such as cell phones and solar panels. Silver was found by the Sumerians.


Tin was once used for coins and dishware, but now it is used for sheets in construction and alloys like bronze. Also it's used in cans. Tin was found by the Sumerians.


Bronze is mostly used when a metal stronger than copper is needed, but it is also used in sculpture making. Bronze was found by the Sumerians.

Why these metals impacted us

These metals impacted us by allowing us to advance in technology. if we didn't have any of these metals we wouldn't be able to create things like cars, computers, solar panels, and many more things.


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