Hand in hand

center for Jewish- Arab Aducstion in Israel


Hand in Hand brings together thousands of Jews and Arabs in six schools and communities throughout Israel. there are schools In Jerusalem, Galilee. Ara. Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Haifa. Tira & Kfar Saba. With many more continually joining. We are proving on a daily basis the *viability of *inclusion and *equality for all citizens of Israel.

*viability - יכולת חיוניות הקיום




The idea of the school started with a group of 10 Arabs and 10 Jews from the Wadi Ara area, as a reaction to the October 2000 *riots. Their assumption was that joint education for their children would be an effective way to overcome the violence and hatred

The Head of the Local Council of Kafr Qara offered the group a building at the end of the village, originally built for the local high school. In 2004 the Israeli Ministry of Education approved the founding of the school at that location

*riots - מהומות



* to create an alnternative aducastional model combative between jewish and arab childrens.

*Educate the children in Hebrew and Arabic as well to multiculturalism , greece and coexistence creating a foundashion of trust and hope among studendt .

* crtaete a community of : students , teachers , perents , family and neighbours Represents friendship and action , promoting social eqality change and weave connections real peace and lasting.

*Break the prejudices mistrust between Jews and Arabs from Israel and prove that in a short time they can reach a mutual understanding and respect

*Combine councils and local authorities , and the government , the process of dialogue and reconciliation

*Prove that Jews and Arabs can learn , work and live together in peace and harmony .

Noam Yrger and Netta Ravid