golden statues


gold found

Tuesday, June 4th, 10:15pm

Ophir, New South Wales, Australia

Ophir, NSW

edward hargraves found gold in 1851 then took it to the sydney goverment because he thought that he could find gold so the sydney goverment said to him go and faind gold and he did find it so he took it to the sydney goverment and the put it in the news paper and all the people started to walk to the gold minds and thats when it started

gold rush

people come from different parts of australia to the gold fields ophir it took them months for them to get to bathurst they would make a sacrifice for there famlies because they wouldnt have alot of money because the license was alot of money and they also needed suplise for them to survive

holtomons nugget

mr holtmon found a nugget the size was really big it weiged about 286 kg that was the biggest nuggets in austalia it cost about 12 000 pounds that is alot of money in australia but mr holtomon didnt get to touch it he was just photo shot in when they found it they melted it but he was still the man that found the biggest gold

where to find gold

you can find gold in rivers but in certain places like bathurst you can also find gold deep in the ground that were you needed people to help you so you needed wood to make like a little house over the hole the you are making .