Community Supported Agriculture

Community between you, your food, and your farmer friend.

Learn about our cause.

We have been providing communities with the ability of having farm fresh foods at their homes each week for over 25 years. We accomplish this by use of partner Farmers who offer a certain amount of shares to people (members). These Farmers, in return for the members seasonal fee, offer an abundance of fresh seasonal foods each week. Not only are you the one with delicious food, but you are also helping hardworking farmers earn a steady cash flow. CSA is more than just a subscription of which you pay for though. It is what the name entails, a Community.

The Community

By joining the CSA you are joining a Community, and like in any community, people have to stick together. Farmers work vigorously to ensure that you have the food that you have paid for, but in some cases their willpower is not enough. That is where you come in, you must be there to support your farmer and understand that you may not have as much food as you are used to. If you are not prepared for a shared risk, CSA may not be for you.
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The Options

The majority of partner farmers offer primarily a set box of seasonal vegetables each week. A growing trend, however, is the mix and match style of which you, the member, pick what you want in your box. Don't expect fill your box with all of one item though, as many farmers have a limit as to how much of a certain item you can get.Also, if you know that you will not eat a certain food, opt out of receiving it, as the farmer will most likely donate it to a food bank. In addition to fruits and vegetables, Farmers also are known to include meat, dairy, and agriculture products as well.

What to expect

Community Supported Agriculture: What to expect when you join a farm