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December 12, 2014


Jan 22nd meeting reading assignment: Please read a selection from the first chapter in Student Centered Coaching. We will be delving into student centered planning, instruction and reflection.
Google Drive Urgency: The demand for Google Drive support in classrooms has greatly increased this fall due to online testing and improved access to Chromebooks. If you haven’t had the opportunity to master Google Drive, we encourage you to take our “Google Drive Basics” course in PDExpress. This course can be taken for free and is online and self-paced.

Destiny Check Out and Chrome Browser: Destiny tech support is recommending that if you are using the Google Chrome browser and experiencing any circulation or scanning issues that you disable the Autofill feature. To do this:

  • Customize and control Google Chrome button (on far right, top - three horizontal lines)

  • Settings

  • Scroll down - Show Advanced Settings

  • Scroll down - under Passwords and forms - un-check the box next to Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click

It is also recommended that when you are within Destiny, that you not use your back button in any browser. Either use the breadcrumbs (beneath the tabs across the top as you navigate), or use the features listed on the left.


Library Apps set up and Rosen Interactive Books info sheets: I created overview documents on how to set up Destiny Quest, Follett Shelf and MackinVia Apps. Make sure your pop-up blockers are turned ipads too!! Also created an overview on using the Rosen Interactive ebooks that were purchased for all elementary schools last year in Follett Shelf. Good news that you don’t need to use the additional Rosen passwords if you enter the books a specific way (see document). There are overview sheets and screencasts off the ITLS website of how to access and use Follett Shelf and MackinVia ebooks. Contact me with questions or if you need extra support - Caroline.
Destiny Library Software Basics Overview: Newly created document that lists the features of Destiny Library Software for you, your students and staff. This does not cover any administrative features. Screencast to come soon.
Genius Hour and Inquiry Based Learning: A couple of schools in Adams 12 have started a genius hour following Google’s policy of giving employees time to innovate and pursue their own interests through inquiry. Here is a link to an Edweek article explaining more, including a quick class from the educator who started the idea of the Genius Hour.

From Your Peers

Resources and suggestions

Thanks to everyone who has been so willing to share resources and ideas. We have tried to consolidate your great work in this newsletter in an effort to give you an easy way to track back and find what your peers have suggested. Although we are using the newsletter to distribute many different ideas, we have not taken those through any type of formal approval process. We have not contacted IT to determine whether the tool(s) and/or resource(s) meet their standards nor have we obtained input from district content leaders. Please know that as we share your ideas and suggestions we do so as part of an effort to make your jobs easier, but those resources and suggestions are not "officially" part of any Adams 12 curriculum. The approval/"sanctioning" process will be ironed out in the near future, but for now everything we include in this newsletter are ideas and suggestions for your consideration. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Thanks - Julie