Mrs. Vandei Hei nutrition meal

What meal is the healthest meal?

Healthest drink

Dasani water is the healthiest drink

Healthiest Cookie

raisin oatmeal cookie is the healthiest cookie. total fat 13g 20%saturated fat 7g 35%cholesterol 50mg 17%sodium 400mg 17%total carbonhydrates 57g 19%dietary fiber 3g 12%protein 6g

Healthiest Chips

Thinny Jimmy Chips are the heltheist chips because it has : 130 calories sodiem 2g protien 2g total fat 5g.

Healthiest Sub

Ham and cheese sub is the healthiest sandwich. calories 10g total fat 129g 18% saturated fat 5g 25% cholesterol 45mg 15% sodium 1,340mg 58% total carbonydrates 67g 22% dietary fiber 0g 0% protein 32g

Kids In Our Group

Kayla, Samara, Denim, and Ethan