Roman Catholic priests are forced out of colonies

No Priests no Church.

The Order of the House of Burgesses

Year of 1700 all Roman Catholic Priests must leave the colonies within 13 days or suffer penalties!

Due to the lack of Religous freedom in the colonies, the House of Burgesses has ordered all of the Catholic Priests to leave the colony of New York. The people have come for their own religon and to start a new country of freedom. We must act now!

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We have made the decision

We need our freedom of religon and to depart from the original root of the kings church. Therefore, all of the Roman Catholic Priests shall be orderd out of New York.

The House of Burgesses has voted and decided to force all the priests out of New York that stand under the Kings church. The people beleve that if we are to ever gain freedom of religion we must eliminate the people in our way.