Collage Project

By Beatriz Simental

Interest rate-4.4%

Time-6 years

Rice University (in-state private)

1 year tuition-$54,766

loan cost-$71,278

total interest-$16,512

monthly payment-$1,128.20

The University of Texas at Austin(in-state public)

1 year tuition-$9,830

loan cost-$12,794

total interest-$2,964

monthly payment-$202.50

Amarillo Collage(community collage)

1 year tuition n-$1,008

loan cost-$1,312

total interest-$304

monthly payment-$20.77

University of Phoenix

1 year tuition-$10,547

loan amount-$13,767

total interest-$3,215

monthly payment-$217.91


If money is a problem its better to choose a good community collage you can choose one that is close to home that way if you get homesick, home is only a few miles away.I would choose a community collage because they are always better for family's who struggle with money I have a twin brother and it gets really expensive buying 2 of everything. Community collages are very mature too they are meant for all ages.