November 27, 2022 - The First Sunday of Advent

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The Season of Advent - The Season of Waiting

The Season of Advent - The Season of Waiting

The season of Advent begins today, Sunday, November 27.

Advent is a season of waiting, expecting, and hoping. Beginning four Sundays prior to Christmas and ending on Christmas Eve, Advent helps us prepare for the coming of the Christ child at Christmas.

For hundreds of years, Christians have used an Advent wreath to inspire their hopes for the coming of Christ. By lighting candles and reading scripture, we are reminded about the meaning of Christ’s birth and become more excited about his coming in the past, in the future, and in our own lives.

The Advent wreath symbolized the accumulation of light as an expression of the growing anticipation of the birth of Jesus, who is seen as the light of the world.

The circular wreath is meant to represent God’s eternity as it has no beginning or end. The evergreens are a symbol of everlasting life.

In our Catholic tradition, each Sunday during Advent we light a candle. We light three purple candles, and one pink candle.

· First Sunday of Advent-Purple Candle (Hope):

Reminds us of the prophets' hope for God’s salvation to come.

· Second Sunday of Advent-Purple Candle (Peace):

Represents the peace that God has given through his son Jesus

· Third Sunday of Advent-Pink Candle (Joy):

Represents the joy of sharing Christ; the joy of the shepherds as the hear the good news of Jesus’ arrival.

· Fourth Sunday of Advent-Purple Candle (Love):

Represents love sent from God through his son Jesus Christ.

Setting aside time to be together as a family strengthens our love for each other and for God, especially at this busy time of the year. This activity calendar offers a suggested simple family activity for each day, Sunday, November 27, the first day of Advent, through Monday, January 9, The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

Advent is a perfect time to prepare our hearts and homes for the coming of Christ. Welcoming Him both through our seasonal celebrations and in our spiritual preparations for His Second Coming. Jesus has described what we can expect when He returns, coming on a cloud. Some scripture scholars interpret today's Gospel not as a rapture of the righteous but instead the exact opposite: those left would be blessed to witness the second coming. Unsure when this glorious moment will come, we must all stay vigilant and stand guard of our hearts.

We hope you and your family can gather around your own Advent wreath, light the Advent candle, and read a bible story in preparation for the birth of Jesus.

Advent 2022 The Four Candles

Basket of Blessings

This advent EICS is continuing to partner with Catholic Social Services to support women and children in Lurana Shelter.

Lurana is a 21 day domestic abuse emergency shelter. The women and children who stay there have nowhere else to go. Their home is unsafe. They may have left their home with only the clothes on their back. They need the staff in CSS’ Lurana shelter to help them heal.

When they arrive at Lurana CSS staff will give them a bedroom to stay in. Staff will also provide them with a Basket of Blessings purchased by the students, teachers and parents of Elk Island Catholic School Division.

With your donations staff will purchase an adult basket and/or a children’s basket(s). Each basket will be tailored to the specific needs of women and children as they enter Lurana shelter.

Our SILC Goal is $300 (3 baskets)

St. Isidore (SILC) Team link

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Holodomor Remembrance - Saturday, November 26

On Saturday, November 26, Ukraine and the world commemorate Holodomor Memorial Day. We commemorate the 89th anniversary of the Holodomor Famine-Genocide. We honour the memory of the millions of victims of the Holodomor.

In 1932-33, the Soviet Communist regime, seeking to destroy the Ukrainian nation, turned food into a weapon. All food and grain were confiscated and any resistance brutally crushed. The Ukrainian people starved. Millions of people were murdered for their desire to live free in their own land, to speak their language, and to celebrate their culture and tradition.

Despite the horror of the Holodomor and decades of Soviet Communist occupation of their homeland, the Ukrainian people persevered and won their freedom in 1991. Today, that freedom is again under threat from Russia’s aggression.

As we gather this year in remembrance, we pray for the souls of the victims of the Holodomor. We continue to pray for Ukraine and an end to the war.

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Semester 1 Deadline Fast Approaching

Are you hoping to finish your high school course for semester one? Are you taking another course semester two? If so, these deadlines are IMPORTANT for you!

All students who are wishing to complete their course in Semester 1 so they can have the necessary prerequisite for Semester 2 MUST complete course work by January 17/23.

Again, this is ONLY for high school students who are working in Semesters.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your teachers.

Diploma Exams begin Thursday, January 12th and your Semester 1 marks are due this week!

See the calendar at the end of the newsletter and write your Diploma Exam Dates down!

Please check PowerSchool to keep tabs on your marks. Teachers will place a temporary "0%" in when your work has not been handed in and is overdue. It is so important to attend to your learning on a regular basis.

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It's never too early to prepare for your Math 30 Diploma Exams in January!

Here you will find some local Math 30 Diploma Prep courses. Everything you need to know to prepare yourselves for the Diploma Exam.

Math 30-1 Online Diploma Preparation

Math 30-2 Online Diploma Preparation

Elementary Classroom

Hello from Mrs. Oikonen!

Hello everyone and welcome to week 13 of online learning! We are going to be having a virtual Christmas concert this year on Dec. 19 at 1:00pm. I would love it if everyone could submit something- please take a look at the poster for ideas for submissions. You will need to send me your submission by Friday, Dec. 16.

Here is what we will be doing this week!

November Calendar

December Calendar

Grade 1 Newsletter

Grade 2 Newsletter

Grade 3 Newsletter

Grade 4 Newsletter

Grade 5 Newsletter

Grade 6 Newsletter

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Chesterton News

Greetings in Christ,

We are looking forward to our next in-person retreat, which will take place on Dec 2nd at Newman Theological College from 10AM-2PM.

It features a campus tour of Newman Theological College as well as information about their Bachelor of Arts in Catholic Studies, and the chance to meet some of their faculty.
Students are also invited to join NTC for Holy Mass in their college chapel, followed by a complimentary lunch.

The cost is free, however, students must confirm their attendance (as numbers are needed for the lunch) and submit the attached permission form to

See the email from Mrs. Wright that was sent on the weekend. The image is below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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ATA New Teachers' Induction

We were excited to welcome three of our SILC Family teachers into the Alberta Teaching Profession this last Thursday. Congratulations and blessings to these three AWESOME Catholic teachers (left to right): Mr. Brett Fawcett, Mr. Brandon Geiger, and Mr. Matthew Bennett. May you continue to be a light for others. God's blessings upon you all.
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GrACE Newsletter for November

Blessings of Advent!

Attached please find the most recent GrACE newsletter highlighting news and events in Catholic education across Alberta and NWT this past month. Please read, share and distribute to all stakeholders in Catholic schools.

November GrACE Newsletter: GrACE News - Council of Catholic School Superintendents of Alberta (

Your support and prayers make a difference. Thank you!

Alberta Education Engagement on Grades 7-12 Career Education Programming

I am pleased to assist the Career Education Task Force in announcing engagement opportunities for Albertans to provide input on career education programming for students in grades 7 to 12. Led by Shane Getson, parliamentary secretary for Economic Corridors, the task force is listening to Albertans across the province to determine how to innovate and strengthen career education programming for students and employers.

From now until December 9, 2022, the task force would like to hear from students in grades 7 to 12, parents, teachers, career counsellors, post-secondary educators, employers and young adults. Albertans can share ideas at online and in- person engagement sessions in 11 communities across the province. They are encouraged to participate in their region or

they have the flexibility to attend any session that works best for them. During the sessions, participants will be able to provide local insights on career education programming and hear the unique perspectives of others.

There are also online surveys for the public and students in grade 7 to 12 to provide feedback on career education programming. Albertans can register for an engagement session, take the survey and sign up for career education updates


On behalf of the Alberta government, thank you for your support as we continue our work to build better connections between schools and employers. Your feedback will help the task force ensure that Alberta’s future career education programming prepares students for new opportunities in our increasingly diversified labour market.


Adriana LaGrange

Minister of Education

AHS Important Newsletter Regarding Influenza

Alberta Health Services (AHS) Survey - Childhood Immunizations

Alberta Health Services understands that there is a lot of information available to Albertans about immunization. This can be stressful and confusing for parents and guardians.

AHS would like to hear from Alberta families about routine childhood immunization for children newborn to age 15 years. We want to talk to you about your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and opinions on immunizations, particularly for your children. Please share your thoughts by completing the survey below by December 31, 2022.

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The Staff of 2022-2023

The Staff of 2022-2023:

Principal: Mrs. Tracy Melnyk

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Melissa Damur

Chesterton Headmaster: Dr. Gerard McLarney

Creative Director, Chesterton & Chaplain : Mrs. Justine Wright

Secretary: Mrs. Natalie Mangatal

Family Wellness Worker: Katy Parsons

Inclusive Learning Facilitator: Mrs. Shari Morin

Mrs. Christy Oikonen - Elementary (Grades 1-6)

Mr. Daniel Hughes - Jr / Sr Social Studies -

Mr. Brandon Geiger - Jr / Sr Science & Math -

Mrs. DeeDee Perrott - Sr. Science & Chesterton

Mrs. Eva Fung- Sr Math

Mr. Matthew Bennett - Jr High

Mrs. Katarina Urdova - Chesterton Math -

Mr. Brett Fawcett - Chesterton and Religious Studies -

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OLPH Parish Corner

Stay connected. Our parish makes it very easy for us all to attend. See the links below:

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Important Dates to Remember...

  • November 26 - Holodomor Remembrance Day

  • November 27 - First Sunday of Advent

  • December 2 - Chesterton Retreat to Newman Theological College

  • December 9 - Chestersession with Bishop David Motiuk - In person at OLPH

  • December 19 - SILC Virtual Christmas Concert @ 1:00pm

  • December 20 - Last day before Christmas Break

  • December 21- Januray 3 - Christmas Breal

  • January 4 - First day back from Christmas Break

  • January 12 - English 30 Diploma Exam - PART A @ 8:45 am

  • January 13 - Social 30 Diploma Exam - PART A @8:45 am

  • January 17 - Semester 1 Course Marks are Due (for semestered students)!

  • January 19 - Math 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am **Bring your scientific calculator

  • January 20 - English 30 Diploma Exam - PART B - 9 am

  • January 23 - Social 30 Diploma Exam - Part B - 9 am

  • January 24 - Biology 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am

  • January 25 - Chemistry 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am

  • January 26 - Physics 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am

  • January 27 - Science 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am

  • January 30 - PD Day - Schools closed to students

  • January 31 - First day of Semester 2

  • February 9 & 10 - Schools Closed for Teachers Convention

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