Have you ever wanted to go to the United Kingdom? If so then you should visit Australia.Did you ever know that the Australian Prime minister is Malcolm Turnbull. If you want to learn more about Australia then read the rest.

Why I want to visit Austrailia


I want to go to Australia. There’s is a lot reasons I want to go Australia. One reason I want to go to Australia is that, they have the most reptile species.Another reason is that there is No snow in Australia. My last reason is that there are Unusual animals like a Frilled Lizard. Australia would be an AWESOME family trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Here are some more things that are interesting about Australian culture. One cool reason about Australian culture is on Christmas it can be 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Another interesting thing about Australia's culture is that their language is Aussie. Australia’s capital is Canberra.Those are reasons why Australia's culture is so interesting.

Interesting facts

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Australia. Australia's population is 22,750,014. Another interesting fact about Australia is that their money is different than ours,a Penny is a Dime. Did you know that in Australia you can purchase kangaroo meat at the supermarket? | hope you learn some stuff about Australia.


I hope someday I live in Australia. Because their language is Aussie, their population is about 22,750,014,a and they have unusual animals. Then I’ll write it off my bucket list.