The Wonderful Wheel and Axel

By: Ethan Galinski

The Amazing Ways of the Wheel and Axel

I learned that a wheel and axel is just like a round lever. Another fact is that you have to turn the lever farther than you want the axel to turn. The final fact I learned was that the wheel and axel was created in Egypt around 2500 B.C. Those are the facts I learned.
A deep connection I made was that we both make things easier. Humans make things easier by teamwork. The wheel and axel makes thing easier by move things easier. That is the deep connection I made.

Vocabulary Words

Bearing - A machine that reduces friction.

A bearing is needed for a wheel and axel.

Windlass - A piece of machinery that lifts weights.

A windlass helps the wheel and axel work.

Fulcrum - Where a lever rests and pivots.

A fulcrum is used to make the axel turn.

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