The life of James Bowie

By: Lauren Marlow

Early years


  • James Bowie was born in Kentucky/ Tennessee 1796.

Family as a kid

Bowie had 2 older brothers , 1 younger bother and two sisters . The younger brother and the two sisters that didn't have the desire to leave their parents .

Battles That Bowie was in

The battle of Natchez

In The Battle of Natchez Bowie was terrible wounded but after he was healed he moved to Texas .

The Battle Of The Alamo

In the Battle of The Alamo James Bowie was a commander but a sickness called pneumonia killed him an the day of the battle . Even though he was not able to command He still stayed till he died in his cot.

Older Years

Family as an adult

Wife's name Doña Josefa

He had kids but I do not their names


Bowie died in his cot at the Alamo in Texas . It was on March 6, 1836 . He died a bit after the Battle Of The Alamo.

Interesting Facts

Famous for

  • Bowie knife ( a foot-long dagger / knife)
  • Being a true folk hero of early Texas

Known as a

  • Adventurer
  • Dangerous duelist
  • Restless

Places Bowie lived

James lived in Tennessee/Kentucky 1796, Louisiana 1802 ,Mississippi 1827 and Texas in 1828 and died in Texas on March 6,1836.