Who cares what they think?

By: Brittany Billingsley

Why should we?

So I know that bullying is a big deal. The thing is why should you care what they say. They are just words. Also what do they know about your life, they are not living it. Live your life to the fullest there no time for caring for what mean things people say. If they say something about you. Well you know if its true or not.If its not when then it shouldn't hurt your feelings cause you know its not. If it is well people don't know if its true or not.

Words can hurt.

Just one word can break you down.

Rumors are rude, mean, and hurtful. You should not spread rumors. If you think it fine well I was bullied. I can remember every hurtful word a persons said to me. I can even remember who its from. Still don't believe me well take a piece of paper crush it in a ball. Open it and try to take the bums and stuff out. You can't its the same way with bullying.