pugs 101

by Ava and Bryleigh


Woof Woof! Guess which dog is the most popular of all time. The pug of course!


Pugs are serious clowns. They have many wrinkles on their face and they are good lap dogs because of their small size. They also snore. Pugs live longer then bigger dogs. Again, because of their small size.


Pugs have been around a while, so there's some history surrounding pugs. Most people believe that pugs came from China. That's probably because they're sometimes called "Chinese Pugs." Queen Victoria owned a Pug. Pugs first came to the US in 1885.

How to take care of your Pug

Training your Pug is an important part of it's care. Pugs are small enough, they can be trained to do they're business in a LITTER BOX. Always use a kind voice when training your pug. Pugs need puppy food until they're 1 year old. Pugs have double coats, Because of this, they need to be brushed daily.


Pugs are a great dog, because of there friendliness and love for people. I hope you like pugs.


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