Chaos Theory

By: Palitha, Pranitha, Shreyas, and Cole

A small mistake can have tremendous consequences.

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A Sound of Thunder

Our response to question #1, is is that the Chaos Theory is shown in the story, when Eckel steps on the butterfly. Due to this action, which seemed inconsequential at the time, the result of the entire presidential election was changed, and A dictator-like president was elected. Our response to question #2, is that the philosophy of this story is that when you make a minor change like being guided off the path or stepping on a butterfly, then something bigger and more consequential will occur. The story portrays that every action, big or small, has an equal and opposite reaction. Our response to question #3 was a real life example of chaos theory is if you fall down the stairs when you are 8, then you don't make the football team in high school. It ties in with the story because it shows that a small mistake, even if it was an accident, can make impacts on your- or someone else's- future. This example fits in with the story, because it shows that just since he got hurt at a young age, it caused him to have to give up his dreams. Another example would be you drew on your skin when you were 10, which made you die. The sharpie immediately bled into your skin causing you to get skin cancer, and eventually also went into your blood causing you to die. This example fits in with the story, because it show that if you do something as small as writing on yourself with Sharpie, it can have a huge effect like causing you to die. We came up with our tag line because it encompassed the meaning of the story that small mistakes make big impacts.