Settling Texas=Good Land

By:Shaylee S. Gregory

Why Is Texas A Good Community To Settle In?

Texas is a good community to live in because we have fantastic ranching or farming areas. This is very good therefore, in Texas there is alot of rocky mountains,rivers,lakes,oceans, ect. Texas is a family oriented place to have kids,pets,and full care for trading with others.

What Animals Live In Texas?

What Is So Good About Settling In Texas?

Texas will be a great place to live cause we have a lot more authority to protect you and your family, we have great appliances for health and learning substances for your children,we have jobs so you will be able to make enough money to support your family.

As Texas we have a lot more intertaining activities for you and your children and just for people at all ages! In Texas there is a lot more food choices also!

I Hope Your Not Bored Cause I'm Just Getting Started!

How To Survive In Texas...

To survive in Texas you will need....

  • food and water
  • shelter
  • money
  • a way to travel
To prosper you will need...

  • lots of land
  • cattle
  • $
  • you need to believe in yourself

How Much Land?

As a land owner,farmer,or rancher the money that you will earn for an acre would be 12.5cents.

  1. 640 acres for himself
  2. 320 acres for his wife
  3. 160 acres for each child
  4. 80 acres if you have a slave (each slave recieves 80 acres)


To get to Texas, well there are many routes that can be taken which could be some below...

  • Boat or ship
  • On feet
  • Horse and wagon

Finally, Some History On Texas.

Texas went through alot of battles and injury's. some of there battles are listened below....

  • The battle of the Alamo
  • The battle of Goliad"siege of Bexar"
  • The battle of San Jacinto
  • Battle of Gonzales
  • Battle of Coleto and more.....
The battle of the Alamo is mostly the most known about Battle. It was a Battle between the spanish and Texans. However the Texans lost and the Spanish army won the battle of the Alamo. Santa Anna entered in the battle he was a General so as in a bad guy.

There was so many more legends in our history and to many to name, plus all the battles that texas has had.We are a honored country and will keep being our best, so come settle in a wonderful,fantastic,loving country.