Start 2016 with a BANG!!

Happy 2016 to you all!! These past few weeks I've heard from many of you who are ready to take your Beautycounter business to the next level in 2016, which is awesome on so many levels! Some of you might be really new to Beautycounter (welcome!) and some of you may be looking at a new year as an opportunity to relaunch your business! Whatever your goals may be for 2016, know that your mentor, upline Director and I are all here to help you CRUSH THEM! I created my 2016 goals this past weekend (I've also included them below) and now that the word is out - you can bet I'm going to be hustling in 2016 to make it all happen, because why not? If I don't do it, I know someone else will! We are so blessed to get to work along side a company with such a meaningful social mission as we band together to effect change in an industry that's so far behind the times when it comes to safety and regulation. If you haven't yet checked out this video (CLICK HERE) from Beautycounter's time spent in Washington DC this November - you must! If this doesn't get you fired up and excited to get more safe products out into the marketplace, I'm not sure what else would!

But because I LOVE this team and I LOVE this company and everything we stand for, I wanted to throw out a fun incentive to keep you all pushing for that next goal you have for your business! So here it is - in 2 parts.

Incentive #1: Anyone who accumulates $1,000 in Personal Volume (PV) in the month of January will receive a 17oz S'well Bottle of your choice. Earn $1,500 in PV and you may upgrade your S'well Bottle to the 25oz size.

(If you don't own a S'well Bottle - they will change your life...and for those of you who already own 1 (or several) know that you can never have too many of these!)

Visit to check them out!

Keep reading for part 2....this is the BIG ONE....

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Incentive #2: Anyone who accumulates $2,000 in PV in the month of January AND recruits 2 new Level 1 consultants who achieve $500 in PV in January will receive a pair of Hunter Boots ($150 Value)

** Please note that these incentives are separate from each other. Unfortunately you won't be able to earn a S'well bottle AND Hunter Boots if you achieve both Incentive #1 and Incentive #2.

Now just imagine what going for both of these incentives would do for your business in January!!

I'll break it down for you real quick:

If you go for Incentive #1 and sell $1000 in product - that gets you a new S'well bottle AND your commission check will be around $250. Hit $1500 and you get to upgrade your S'well bottle and your commission check bumps up to $360.

If you go all in for Incentive #2 and sell $2,000 in products + add 2 new level 1 teammates who each achieve $500 in PV, that puts your business volume at $3,000 - promoting you to Manager (and well on your way to Sr. Manager) with an estimated commission check of $600 AND a $150 pair of Hunter Boots.

AND - Let's not forget the fabulous incentive Beautycounter HQ is offering to your new recruits who join in the month of January and accumulate $750 in PV! Jet-Set Bag Collection for them = Everyone Wins!

There's truly no better time to jump in with Beautycounter.
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So what's next? Instead of throwing out a laundry list of things you could do to help you achieve the incentive I want to do something different. If you want to go for either of these incentives (which really you have nothing to lose & SO much to gain) I want you to email me back with which incentive you are going for and I'll connect with you personally on how I'm going to help you get there in January. We can schedule a coaching call, chat recruiting and anything else you want to tackle this month with your business.

So just do it! I hope I get a FLURRY of email responses back with an "I'm In"!!

Cheers to New Beginnings, New Challenges, New Friendships, Better Beauty & A Safer, Healthier Tomorrow xoxo

And as promised - here are my Beautycounter goals for 2016:

1) Promote 4 new Managing Directors, 6 Executive Directors, 8 Senior Directors, 10 Directors this year. Are you one of them??

2) For my personal business, I want to expand from 4 Director legs to 8. I want to consistently achieve $2k in sales and $750 in New Volume every month.

3) Double my team's representation at the Incentive trip this year.

4) Find a beautiful balance between my personal business including client relationships and my team's growth, mostly with consistent coaching/ training opportunities.

Let's start out 2016 with a BANG and know that if I can help you in anyway, please reach out! xo