Fallen Angels

by Walter dean myers

5 out of 5 stars

Fallen Angels is about a young boy named Perry he is from Harlem, New York


The book fallows young Perry and his squad (or very small platoon) of men named Harold “Peewee” Gates (Perry best friend in the war), Lobel who is Jewish and is criticized for being homosexual, Monaco always taking life threatening risks,

Captain Stewart very self centered, Sergeant Simpson risks his life to keep his soldures alive but wants them to keep him alive too, Lieutenant Carroll very down to earth and the leader, Brew big and religious wants to be a minister, Corporal Brunner a kiss up to every solderer of a higher rank but bullies everyone else even puts dummy grenades on peoples beds, Sergeant Dongan very racist and uses the black soldures to be on point or in rear so no white soldures get shot, Jenkins the guy who dies in the beginning of everything