The Solar System

Inner planets


  • A year is 88 earth days long
  • Mercury is the most cratered planet
  • Only two spacescrafts have ever been to mercury
  • Mercury has wrinkles (lobate scarps)


  • This is the second brightest object in the night sky
  • The outer layer is made up of sulfuric acid
  • It is called earths sister
  • It takes 243 earth days to rotate once


  • Only known planet to support life
  • Is the only planter NOT named after a god
  • It's the largest terrestrial planet
  • The earths rotation is gradually slowing,one day we could have 25 hour days


  • Its composed primarily of carbon dioxide
  • Notable satellites: photos+ Deimos
  • Only 16 missions to mars have been successful
  • Pieces of mars have fallen to earth over the earth