Loss in Biodiversity

Genesis Olivarez

Overpopulation Loss in biodiversity

To brake it down, Loss in Biodiversity is the variety of animal species of animals and plants living in an environment. Simply put, loss of it means that the amount of species in a region is decreasing. Biodiversity is sometimes also used to include the genes of species.


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After doing countless hours of endless research I now know that biodiversity plays a big role in life along with every other topic. I picked this topic because I thought that I knew everything about overpopulation! Before looking up overpopulation I had no idea what it really meant or what Biodiversity was. Now that I know I will do my part and help endangered animals.

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If you would like to know a little more about overpopulation or Loss in biodiversity here are some sources to start you off! If there is anymore stuff you would like to know i would gladly answer those questions! (If you email me!)