The Fall of Rome

by: Lane Huebert

Christianity became the main religion

Once this occurred the country split into 2, an east and a west. It didn't take much longer for the west to become the weaker side and other countries also recognized that.

Poor Military decisions

Roman army led by Constantine, went to attack France and left the borders open and people started flowing in and the empire became weaker.

Constantine's death

In 337, he died and once it happened, Rome had to get a new leader. It was between 2 of his sons and 1 of his nephews. His nephew Julius Ceaser won and was the new leader to the western empire.

---------------- ------------------- ----------------------Julius Caesar >>>>>

Germanic Tribes

The Huns, came from Asia, and moved into western rome. Visigoths also did the same and they went into western rome, and the western roman empire was getting weaker. Vandals were next to attack and take rome in 455

Year 476

Was the official year the Roman empire collapsed. Romulus Augustulus was the leader and was exposed to the rest of the armies and this result resulted in the end of the western roman empire.

Romulus Augustulus---->

Eastern Roman Empire

Would survive for 1,000 more years and were able to with stand the attacking people.