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Leader update

April week 2 Leader check in!

Quick VOLUME check in! By end of this week, here is where you should be to be pacing on track to hit your payrank GOAL.

Assoc Stylist 750TQV
Sr Stylist 1500TQV
Star Stylist 3000TQV
Assoc Director 6000TQV
Director 15000TQV

Sparkling Pride is going for Director this month and we are on track with 21,802TQV.

Team Moxie Pride is on track for Star payrank with 5633 TQV and 2 qualified legs.

A huge shout out to these pacecar leaders who are already qualified and more!!

Korin Coppeta

Megan Booz

Amber Norwood

Shauna Polito

Kristin Biggs

Our trunk show pipeline is at 62 in-home shows. Your efforts to reach out are paying off!! Don't forget to take advantage of all the sweet incentives that Cindy Rodehamel posts in the RockSTARS facebook page-- I have won some very generous prizes just from doing what I already am to keep my business moving! So don't forget to check that page daily and post when you are participating!

Here's what you can do this week!

1. Make sure your stylists know about the new way to earn StyleFix, as well as scoring the fab Extraordinary bracelet this month! Most stylists don't pay attention to all these details unless they are working this as a PT or FT job, so get them in the loop!

2. Celebrate efforts to book shows, bring in orders, and make new contacts! Share on our team page and brag on your stylists! What are they doing to move their business forward?

3. Share what YOU are doing for your business this week! Are you calling 10? Are you following up? Reaching out for orders? We see time and again that teams are much more engaged when they see their leaders engaged in their business too! Lead by example!

4. Check out our Zoom recording from last night with top tips to sponsor! The recording info is posted in our Sparkling Pride team page. Then put it into action! Invite 5 to our online Meet S&D tonight, use the WTS from the email I sent on Sunday! Then coach your team to do the same!

5. Keep booking! Cindy is going for a DIAMOND "repeat" this month and we still need a LOT of trunk shows to make it happen! Would absolutely LOVE to see the RockSTARS team recognized on stage at HOOPLA as a Diamond team!! (Yes, if you will be there, you will be on stage too with all of our RockSTARS team!! Pretty awesome, huh?)

Map out your plan for this month!

I know some of you are going for PROMOTION this month, and also 2nd time payrank BONUSES!! Use the compensation plan guide below! What payrank are you going for this month? Does your team have enough trunk shows to make it happen? Here are our recommendations:

Associate stylist 4

Senior stylist 8

Star 15

Associate Director 30

If you need help mapping out your month please let me know! I am happy to guide you through it! We have PLENTY of time to make it all happen!

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Thank you for all you to do lead your teams! XO