Dystopian: Corporate Control

How Do Celebrities Control Society Corporately?

Growing up, we're so used to seeing celebrities on television advertising for companies. We're oblivious to the fact that their advertisements have huge impacts on us. But how much of an impact is it when it comes to celebrity endorsements?
One Direction Pepsi Commercial with Drew Brees [HD]

What Are The Negative Issues of Celebrity Endorsements?

There is a theory that 'borrowing' a celebrity for their fame and power is a way to create both an awareness and interest of the product. But the right way to endorse a celebrity into your product is that for one, you have to choose someone who gives off positive energy for the target of your product, a person who gives you that vibe where you're buzzing and you have to make sure that the person is likable. And also someone who has experience in your product. But the cons of having a celebrity represent your product is if they do something that makes their image look bad and that's where the company/sponsor drops the celebrity. For example, Kellogg dropped Michael Phelps after a photo of him smoking marijuana was released. Another example is when South African Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius was charged for for shooting and evidently killing his girlfriend which led to Nike, Oakley and many other big companies to drop him.

What Are The Positives When It Comes To Celebrity Endorsements?

On the other hand, celebrity endorsements do have their bright sides. An example is broadcasting a clip of a celebrity getting their daily exercise and eating healthy can be a huge influence for children and young adults. Exposing that would have them engage into staying fit.