Leadership Styles

By: Chase Fitzpatrick & Noel Rivas

Three main Leadership Styles

Laissez Faire Style- everything relies on the worker to make there own decisions.

Autocratic Style- Controls little to no work of other workers, make own work.

Democratic Style- Participative leadership, people involved, take participated roles in decision making.

What we are about!

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Our leadership style concludes with being Democratic.

To be democratic is to definitely involve all whom are employed. Decisions should not solely rely on the boss nor manager, subordinates should have say in final decisions. We believe as others come together great things are at higher chance of coming to be. For example as the english proverb, two heads are better than one, now whats the outcome of the whole company?

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A great leader consists of...

certain aspects of being a good leader would involve being honest. To be able to delegate with others in a fairly mannered way, and also while having a sense of humor. the leader should have complete confidence and commitment. A positive outlook and attitude could also benefit the leader himself and influence his workers to be the same. A reason to try to keep your workers positively influenced is that, inspiration is key to success. two key things i suggest working on is creativity to make the job easier and intuition to know what needs to be done.