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Keely O.

About Me!

My name is Keely, and I go to PSMS. I like reading all different types of books. The only genre I don't like is cartoons or sci-fi. When I read I feel like to book is taking me to a whole new place. I feel like I am part of the story. I learned to read when I was in kindergarten. when I finally read for the first time I was so excited. When I was in elementary school they had a reading log called "Wolf Reading" every year you had to read at least about 30 books, and I finished every year.

Ten Things About me as a Reader!

1) I read books really slowly

2) I usually judge books by their covers and really like them!

3) I like lots of different types of books

4) I learned to read in kindergarten

5) I hate reading books that I don't choose

6) I like books that make me think

7) I don't stop reading until I'm on a new page or chapter

8) I don't like books that take place a very long time ago

9) My favorite books are "Wonder" and "Out of my Mind"

10) I don't like reading really long books

What I'm reading right now!

Right now I am reading "Hoot" by Carl Hiaasen. It is about the new boy at the school. On his first day of school he was looking out the window of the school bus when he sees a boy running with no shoes and no backpack. Right at that moment the "school bully" tightens his throat and he punches him in his face, jumps off the bus, and chases the boy. The new boy will not stop being nosy until he finds out who this boy really is.
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Some of my favorite books that I have read are...


~The Fault In Our Stars

~Out of my Mind


~Counting By 7s


~Maniac Magee



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Rick Astley Never gonna give you up lyrics!!!

Song Now Playing!

"Never Gonna Give you up" by Rick Astley reminds me of when you don't want to return a book. It also reminds me of when you are at a very interesting part in the book and you don't want to "give it up" and just keep reading. This happens to me a lot when I am reading and I just can't wait to see what will happen next in the book.


I recommend GoodReads because it helps you keep track of the books you have read and find books for you to read based on what you have previously read. You can also find your friends and see what they are reading! You can search and find your favorite books!

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