Chapman Chargers Staff Update

Guizzetti's Weekly Update 04/15/18

M-Step Continues This Week!


Don't forget to sign up for your formal observation if you have not yet. If you still need a pop-in, expect one at any time :)

School Improvement Team:

The next meeting will be all day on 4/23 (Monday). We will work through the SIP and if time, look at the PET. If you are on this team please put in for a sub immediately. Right now there are no other district meetings or events so subs should be available.

Staff Activity Night Survey

Only seven staff members have participated in the survey! The majority of the seven said an event for after Spring Break so that is what we will go with. However, we need more of you to choose possible activities!

Walkie Talkies: Please make sure that when you are going to (extra) recess that you are grabbing the walkie in the media center. I can also have one available for the first and K hallways to share.

There were a couple of changes to the math PD schedule. Here is the link. If you are an AM teacher, please make sure you have a full day sub and mark it rotating.

IEP Logs: IEP logs need to be current and up to date. Double check to make sure these are completed and kept current. Thank you.

WIN Data and PLC Notes: Please make sure that all WIN data is updated in Illuminate for your class/team. This is important as we are analyzing and comparing data throughout the year to make instructional decisions.

Parking Lot Duty: Please check the schedule for morning parking lot duty.

Tek Treck- Please make sure that you share this link with your families! Thank you!

Reminders from previous weeks:

Don't forget to make time in your day to watch the news and say the pledge. Students work hard writing their scripts and filming for your class!

Below is the calendar for this week... please let me know if I missed anything!

Feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions. Have a great week!


* The staff voted on morning staff meetings. Our next staff meeting is 5/14 at 7:30 AM in the media center. All meetings will be at 7:30 AM unless you hear differently from me. Here are the rest of the dates. They are also on Chapman Calendar.

Monday 5/14

Tuesday 6/5


Monday 04/16:

Tuesday 04/17

Wednesday 04/18

Thursday 04/19

Friday 04/20

Upcoming dates:

Tech Trek 4/28

STEM Challenge Day 4/17

Guizzetti out 4/20 (Eaton acting admin)