Sugar Ray Leonard

Ryan Smith

  • Birth Day:May 17, 1956
  • Years Lived:60+
  • Place of Birth:Rocky Mount, North Carolina
  • Occupation:Boxing
  • Achievements:He won the gold medal in light-welterweight boxing at the 1976 Olympic Games, and went pro the following year.
  • Did you know: he was named after his mother's favorite singer, Ray Charles.
  • Character Trait:The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation is committed to funding research and creating awareness for childhood type 1 & 2 diabetes and to help children lead healthier lives through diet and exercise.
  • Be Inspired:Sugar's personality describes his personality through what he has done to help other people instead of wasting his money on "JUNK" instead he founded an organization for type 1 and 2 diabetes.
Sugar Ray Leonard In The Ring with Smitty