Dont Smoke For Any Reason At All

SomeThinqq Cann Happend Quickly

Drugs Are Bad For You !

Smoking is very bad for you. You can easily die any second from smoking weed or any other drug.
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Doing meth can change your whole life style.

• have a higher frequency of use

• are less likely to use alcohol

• report feeling less “addicted” than cocaine users

• are more likely to use methamphetamine continuously throughout the day at evenly

spaced intervals and consistently over time, rather than concentrating use in the

evening as cocaine users tend to do

• use fewer times per day than cocaine users (though the same amount of drug is used)

• spend less money to purchase the drug

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Meth can riun your teeth . It can get rotten and grow some type of wierd colors in there.
Meth Abuse - Short film on the perils of methamphetamine

By Tariq Simms ^>^