Room 106 News

Week of October 23-27

Class News

This will be a busy week! Carnival is coming up this Friday! I think we still need some volunteers for our class booth. If you are able to donate your time, please sign up on the Sign-Up Genius that was sent out. Woodridge will have a costume parade on Friday, October 28th, at 8:30. No toy weapons or violent costumes are allowed. If your child does not celebrate Halloween, or any other holidays, please let me know. Also, look for a Carnival Day Release form in your child's folder on Tuesday. This will let me know who will go home their normal way, and who will be picked up in the classroom on Carnival Day.

If your child is absent, please be sure to send a note or email me so that I can forward the information to the office. This is important so that your child's absences can be marked excused. Thanks for your help with this matter.

Our next field trip is coming up on November 7th. We will go to the Guadalupe State Park. The students rotate through various stations in small groups. If you have completed the district's background check and would like to help by leading a small group, please let me know. I would like to have 3 or 4 volunteers, if possible.

Language Arts, Math, and Science

This week, we continue to build good reading habits by being using our resources and becoming word detectives. The students continue to work on retelling important parts of books they have read. You can help at home by asking them who is in the story, where it takes place, and what happens. In writing, students will study an author's work to learn ways the author makes it special. They will learn that author's use ellipses to build excitement, and exact actions to make a movie in the reader's mind.

In math, we will begin learning about subtraction. Students will act out subtraction problems and then write number sentences. We will also practice counting by tens. I science, we will begin to learn about the seasons.

Reminder: Students are released at 12:20 on October 24, 25, and 26!

Important Information

Library Day: Friday, 1:45-2:15
Sight Words: one, said, out, my
Hunks and Chunks: review
October Core Value: Creativity

Important Dates:
10/23-10/27: Red Ribbon Week
10/24-10/26: Early Release, 12:20
10/27: Carnival Costume Parade- 8:30; Carnival- 3:30-6:30
11/3: Class picture
11/7- Guadalupe State Park Field Trip