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December 8, 2017

GRR - Best Instructional Practice...Period.

My favorite responsibility as an instructional leader is getting into classrooms - that's where the magic happens . I continue to be very impressed with the number of classrooms that I am in where I see 3 or 4 features of the Gradual Release of Responsibility in the matter of a few minutes; Focus, Guided, Productive, Independent are those features all happening seamlessly from one activity to the next. The Gradual Release of Responsibility is a research based and proven instructional model that when utilized effectively will increase student achievement towards the standards. It's simply best practice that the best teachers have been using flawlessly from the beginning of education; Fisher and Frey just put a name to it.

During the summer of 2014, I was fortunate to be in attendance for Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey's FIT Teaching Workshop where they provided their expertise on the GRR. Doug and Nancy both pointed out during this session that the feature of the GRR that has been the most beneficial to their school's outstanding increase in student achievement is the collaborative/productive group work and the student discussion component of the GRR; these phases are often left out of other instructional models.


Benefits of the Gradual Release of Responsibility

  • Research-based strategies with proven results in student achievement, graduation rates, and improving school cultures

  • Insurance that the Characteristics of Effective Instruction are present in daily instruction

  • Insurance that students learn and practice 21st century skills and collaboration almost daily

  • Instructional model to ensure daily formative assessment and guided instruction

  • Instructional model to create and maintain positive student-to-student and teacher-to-student relationships

Bottom line: GRR is Best Practice

Let's Be The Best School in the Universe!

What Effective Educators Do Differently -

Effective Teachers :

  • Engage students in active learning

  • Create intellectually ambitious tasks

  • Use a variety of teaching strategies

  • Assess student learning continuously and adapt teaching to student needs

  • Create effective scaffolds and supports

  • Provide clear standards, constant feedback, and opportunities for revising work

  • Develop and effectively manage a collaborative classroom in which all students have membership

(the strategies of effective teachers from 25 years ago or more are still effective strategies today)

(New Teacher Center, “Instructional Mentoring”, 2011)

A Must Read Article!

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