The Boogeyman

The Monster in Your Closet

The Story of the Boogeyman

The Boogeyman (also known as the bogeyman, boogie man, or bogieman) has been used by parents to frighten children into good behavior, around the globe there are many different names for this scary thing. Conceptions of the boogeyman can vary from household to household even in the same neighborhood. The boogeyman is known for pouncing when its victim is asleep and terrorizing or kidnapping the victim (or eating them). It is said to also feed on fear instead of the children but there are many variations of this monster.
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What is it?

The boogeyman is a character of supernatural powers; it's a shape shifter and usually takes form in a dark shadow form or a ghost or whatever the child fears most. It has an endless number of incarnations and is sensitive to light and light will make it hide. The boogeyman is usually found under the bed or in a dark closet or in other dark places of a room.
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In Other Countries...

In Mexico the equivalent of the boogeyman is called "el Coco" which translates to the coconut. El Coco will eat naughty children and is in many Mexican songs to scare children or make them listen to their parents. In Latin countries the boogeyman is portrayed as a man with a sack who carries children away. In Italy, parents describe it as a tall man with a heavy coat and hood who takes naught children to a mysterious place for up to a year. This list can go on and on.