Room 113 News August 15th

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What a Great First Day!

Our first day was full of excitement, laughter, new friends, and new things. We are starting to develop our routines and get to know one another. We will spend this week sharing more about ourselves and fostering a positive classroom community. Children will learn more and take risks when they feel emotional safe. Please email Mr. Hagen if you have any questions or concerns.

Start of the Day Routine

Elementary starts at 7:40am. If your children arrive earlier because of high school siblings, middle school siblings, or because they ride a bus, they will have 20 minutes between arrival and when school starts.

After arriving at school, students should hang backpacks on their hooks(these are labeled with names) and play at the bog toy, fields, or basketball courts. Students are also permitted to visit the ES library for quiet reading. Students may NOT linger outside of the classroom or in other unsupervised areas of the school. Utilizing this extra time for socializing and play is Mr. Hagen's recommendation. There is a great deal of research connected to the brain and physical activity. If your family only has children in elementary, considering arriving closer to the start time. A bell will sound at 7:35 and this is when students walk back to the classroom, gather their things, and line up outside of the door.

End of the Day Routine

Elementary ends each day at 2:20pm. Elementary ends at 2:05pm on Tuesdays.

For the remainder of this week, parents and caregivers will meet students in our classroom after school. Students who walk/bike home independently will continue to be dismissed when school is over. Students who ride buses will be walked to their buses for the remainder of this week.

Next week, students will be dismissed from our last class. Refer to the schedule link above. Students will take backpacks with them to the last class of the day, so there is no need to return to our classroom. Parents and caregivers who pick up students need to agree on a meeting spot by next Monday afternoon. Consider choosing a spot that is not in a crowded corridor near classrooms. Some suggestions: the sidewalk or benches near the panther statue, the HS cafeteria, the entrance near the 50m pool, the new ES garden or, the big or little toy. The corridor in front of the ES office and ES library are quite crowded at dismissal.

Another thing to consider: Nichada Thani has both sidewalks and bike lanes along with crossing guards. Second graders sometimes walk or ride bikes home independently or with a friend, or meet parents/caregivers along the way. If your child has friends who live nearby, consider letting him/her ride or walk to and from school. This is completely up to parents and comfort levels and independence levels vary. Do what's best for your child and family.

Booster Hut

Second grade is the first year in which the elementary students are allowed to venture down to the Booster Hut and popcorn stand on their own. The volunteers at the Booster Hut have done a terrific job of filling their stock with a variety of trinkets just right for second grade desires. Based on past experience, we’ve discovered that it is actually a bit challenging for the second graders to manage both their time and money while visiting the Hut.

Therefore, we have asked the students to not bring more than 100 baht to school on Fridays to spend at either the Booster Hut or the popcorn stand. (This is just a maximum—we find that 40-60 baht is usually sufficient for popcorn and a small treat. And of course, shopping at the Booster Hut and buying popcorn are optional activities—it is not necessary to bring money every Friday!) We have also asked students not to lend to or borrow money from other students.

Going to the Booster Hut and popcorn stand is a privilege. If students are behaving irresponsibly—for example, returning late to class—they may lose the privilege. Children are allowed to bring money to school only on Fridays for the Booster Hut and popcorn stand. Children should not bring money to school on other days.

We are hoping that you can help support us with this endeavor. Please speak to your child at home about responsible spending, the importance of returning to class on time, and putting toys into backpacks to be played with later.

Food for thought: Attach some clear expectations to the money you will give your child. Examples: "If you complete all of your homework during the week without Mom or Dad asking, you may have money for the booster hut" "Kids who pack their own backpacks and get ready for school on time receive money for the booster hut"

Friday, August 19th, will be the first Booster Hut/Popcorn day for Grade 2.

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Hats, Water bottles, and Snacks

- ISB's has a hat policy for elementary students. Student must wear hats to play in unshaded areas. Students may wear any hat in addition to the hats sold with uniforms. Please mark your child's hat with his/her name.

- Students should bring a water bottle to school. Hydration is important for health as well as academic performance. Please mark your child's water bottle with his/her name. Some students leave the water bottle in our classroom for the week and take them home on Fridays to be washed. It's also OK to send one each day.

- A nutritious snack is provided each day before morning recess. Snack typically consist of fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, and milk. Once a week, chocolate milk is served. If you'd like to send a snack with your child, it's OK. Do not send sugary foods, junk foods, sugary drinks, or candy.

- ISB Elementary is nut free


If your family would like a classroom birthday celebration, please contact Mr. Hagen to schedule a day and time. We will celebrate birthdays at either 9:25am or 12:40pm. Healthy treats are preferred, but we realize that kids love sweets.

Please do not send:

-cakes with your child as it's often difficult to cut the cake and find forks and plates

-complicated treats that cannot be served to the whole class in less that 15-20 minutes

-sugary drinks in addition to cupcakes

-toys or these for your child's party

Also, do not send birthday invitations to school for your child to pass out unless he/she is inviting the entire class. Seven and eight year olds are still developing social and emotional skills and the perception of exclusion can cause deeply hurt feelings and prolonged crying, which disrupts student learning. If you are planning a birthday party, please use the family contact information book that is published annually to contact the families of classmates you'd like to invite.

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