All about me!

Kaylee Bennett

General Information

I'm fourteen years old. I have two sisters, but one of them does not live with me. I also live with my dad, a women who married my dad, and her daughter. I would like to be an accountant when I grow up, which is why I am taking this class.

What did I do over break?

I mainly read, and slept over winter break. On Christmas Eve, my family and I had a private celebration just for us. On Christmas Day, we had a public celebration with our entire family. Out of twenty of us twelve got the stomach flu, that includes me. My favorite gift was the second entire version of Les Miserables.

What else do I do?

I'm in forensics. I do D.I. & Duo. D.I. stands for dramatic interpretation, and is basically acting about a tragedy. Duo is a two-person event where you act out a scene with a partner, without looking at or touching them. I'm also in NJHS.

Fun facts

My favorite color is green. I used to have a pet cat called Dawn. I really like to read, and write.